Quest:Instance: Lothrandir

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Instance: Lothrandir
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Halbarad
Starts at Ring of Isengard
Start Region Isengard (after)
Map Ref [44.5S, 90.5W]
Quest Chain Vol. III. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"There are many hidden rooms within the ring of Isengard. Does my kinsman live still within one of these chambers?"


You have agreed to search for Lothrandir in some more of the buildings in the wall of Isengard.

Objective 1

The Grey Company has separated into groups in order to search more of Isengard for their captive kinsman.

Far below, in a large room, Halbarad beckons you onward

Objective 2

Halbarad has found a large room, its floor covered with dirty water, and has called for you to join him.

Halbarad: 'I came to this room from another passage, <name>. It seems that the wall of Isengard is a warren of rooms and tunnels, but we will search them all for my kinsman. Saruman cannot hide him from us forever.'
Halbarad stops speaking and listens for a moment to the steady dripping of water in a distant corner.

Objective 3

Halbarad says, "Wait, <name>. Someone comes!"
Gun Ain says, "A pox on you, <name>! You should not have come back!"
Gun Ain says, "And you come in the company of another Ranger? Have you not killed enough of their kind?"
Halbarad says, "I know who you are, Gun Ain. Lothrandir spoke of you when we rode south."
Halbarad says, "Tell us where he is and it will go easier for you."
Gun Ain says, "What makes you so certain you want to see him, Ranger?"
Gun Ain says, "Very well."
Gun Ain says, "I will grant your wish."
Gun Ain says, "Lothrandir!"
Gun Ain says, "Come show your friends what has become of you!"
Halbarad says, "No!"
Halbarad says, "Angmarim witch! What have you done to him?"
Gun Ain says, "I am not responsible for this."
Gun Ain says, "Your friend refused to cooperate with my master. He tried to resist."
Gun Ain says, "Saruman broke his mind."
Halbarad says, "You lie!"
Halbarad says, "Tell us the truth, Gun Ain!"

Objective 4

Lothrandir stands before you, a shadow of his former self.

Lothrandir: You see no recognition in Lothrandir's eyes. He shakes and convulses before you, a pitiable figure that bears little resemblance to the strong-willed man you remember. Of all Saruman's crimes, this may be the one that strikes nearest to your heart.
He seems to be trying to speak, but his words are muffled and his voice weak.
Lothrandir says, "Fal..."
Halbarad says, "What is it, Lothrandir?"
Corunir says, "Golodir, look! Is that...?"
Corunir says, "Oh no..."
Lothrandir says, "Fal... con..."
Halbarad says, "Falcon? What are you trying to tell us, Lothrandir?"
Halbarad says, "The Falcon Clan is defeated. They have paid for their betrayal, my friend."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Golodir in the large chamber

Golodir has found his way to the large chamber, and his anger is evident.

Golodir: 'What sorcery have they worked on my kinsman? Lothrandir is a shell of himself, <name>, and I will make those responsible for his sad state reap the reward of their crime!'
  • Confront Gun Ain
Golodir says, "The Falcon clan may have paid, Halbarad, but this woman has not, and Saruman has not!"
Golodir says, "Lothrandir cannot avenge himself on them, so I will do it in his memory!"
Golodir says, "Now the witch dies!"
Halbarad says, "Golodir, hold!"

Objective 6

  • Listen to Halbarad determine what must be done

Halbarad has determined what should be done.

Halbarad says, "Will her death ease even the smallest portion of our grief?"
Halbarad says, "It will not, Golodir."
Golodir says, "I know that!"
Golodir says, "I know that better than anyone."
Halbarad says, "You will never know what you and your master took from us, Gun Ain."
Halbarad says, "No words of mine can make you feel what we felt for our kinsman."
Halbarad says, "But know this: in Forochel, Lothrandir showed you kindness."
Halbarad says, "No others of my kin would have done the same."
Corunir says, "Lothrandir..."
Halbarad says, "I am sorry."
Halbarad says, "I am sorry we did not come in time, my friend."

Objective 7

The Rangers have lost a kinsman and a friend, and are sharing a moment of grief before they must return to Aragorn with the sad news.

Gun Ain: You have seen anger in Gun Ain's eyes before today, and fear, but never have you seen the look she gives you now. Her expression is pained.
'All I wanted was a name, <name>. I wanted to be someone again. I wanted a family to replace the one I had lost, friends to take the place of my emptiness... but there is no one.
'Look at them! That is what I wanted, <name>, but no one will miss me! No one will cry when I have gone. No one will mourn.'
Gun Ain says, "I wanted a name, but all I have done is take names from this world!"
Gun Ain says, "Why do I still serve Saruman? He has not given me what I sought! He could not!"
Gun Ain says, "I gain nothing by furthering the Wizard's plans."
Gun Ain says, "I speak now for myself, <name>."
Gun Ain says, "I will not allow you and your friends to leave this place as you are."
Golodir says, "You cannot stop us from leaving, witch."
Gun Ain says, "I will not let you leave before you hear these words."
Gun Ain says, "Lothrandir is still alive."
Corunir says, "What?"
Halbarad says, "Can this be?"

Objective 8

  • Talk to Gun Ain in the large chamber

Gun Ain has given voice to something remarkable. Can it be true? Does Lothrandir still live?

Gun Ain: For the first time, Gun Ain's eyes are alight with a fierce and sudden joy. She exults in her words, and radiates a restless energy.
'You spoke of the strength of Lothrandir's will, and you were not wrong. Saruman tried to exert control over his mind, tried with every ounce of his power, but still your friend resisted. The Wizard wove convincing illusions and portraits of despair, but still Lothrandir fought. Many and powerful were the tricks he employed to break your friend's mind, but each one failed. Lothrandir remained strong, and the Wizard could find no means of bending him to his will.
'In the end, Saruman had to abandon the effort. He took another prisoner from his cell, a Falcon Clan warrior named Kenned who had proved unable to work in the Pits, and dressed him in Lothrandir's garb. That is the poor creature you see before you; he has at last earned his freedom.'

Objective 9

  • Witness Halbarad's judgement
Gun Ain hands you a small, nondescript key
Gun Ain says, "Lothrandir is in a cell in this building's southernmost passage."
Halbarad says, "Gun Ain, your crimes are many, and I do not forgive them."
Halbarad says, "But we would have left this place believing our kinsman to be lost."
Halbarad says, "I am grateful for this thaw in your heart."
Halbarad says, "For that reason I name you Mercy, and grant you safe passage from Isengard."
Halbarad says, "We have no quarrel."
Gun Ain says, "Mercy..."
Halbarad says, "<name>! Return the way you came, and look for the southernmost passage!"

Objective 10

  • Find Lothrandir in a cell off the southernmost passage of the building

The woman named Mercy has told you where you might find Lothrandir: in the southernmost passage of the building in which you find yourself. You must search the building for him, and quickly!

Squinting in the half-light, a pile of rags reveals itself to be a weary prisoner

Objective 11

  • Talk to Lothrandir in his cell

Lothrandir is in a cell unlocked by Gun Ain's key, off the southernmost passage.

Prisoner: 'Is that you, <name>? I did not think I would see you again.'
Lothrandir smiles weakly.
'The Wizard was not pleased when you escaped. I almost felt sorry for Saruman. I think his Orcs are endlessly disappointing him.'

Objective 12

  • Talk to Halbarad outside Lothrandir's cell

Halbarad has reunited with his lost kinsman.

Halbarad says, "Lothrandir! It is good to see you alive, my friend!"
Halbarad: 'Lothrandir is safe and we have accomplished our aim, <name>. I will be glad to leave this place behind us.'
'Let us leave this sunken pit, <name>. I will be glad to see daylight again, and I know Lothrandir must feel the same!'