Quest:Instance: Into the Silver Deep

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Instance: Into the Silver Deep
Level 1
Type Solo only
Starts with Gandalf
Starts at Silver Deep
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [14.6S, 101.9W]
Ends at Edhelion Watch
End Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [15.2S, 101.5W]
Quest Group Introduction (Dwarf/Elf)
Race(s) Dwarf
Quest Text
Note: This is the Tutorial quest, and is skipped if the player chooses the skip tutorial option at the start of the game, in which case the game starts at the next quest in the chain.

Bestowal dialogue

"While about to begin your long day of work at the Silverdeep Mine, an old Man beckons for you to come near. He is a close advisor of Thorin Oakenshield, the master of these halls. What could he have to say to a simple miner such as yourself?"


Thorin and Company are preparing to leave from the Blue Mountains for the ancestral home of Thorin's folk, the Lonely Mountain. You are but a simple miner, but the wizard Gandalf has asked for your assistance.

Objective 1

  • Approach the old man who stands near

A wizened old man stands before you as you go on your way to the Silver Deep Mine.

You should walk towards him.

The Man in grey is Gandalf, an advisor of your lord Thorin Oakenshield.

Objective 2

  • Talk to the wizard

The wizard Gandalf the Grey, advisor of Thorin Oakenshield, wishes to have a word with you. As Thorin is the master of these halls, you think it best to listen.

Gandalf: 'You there! You are a miner here, are you not? Tell me your name then, my good Dwarf.
'<name>...a fine name. I am Gandalf, if you do not know me. I am also Gandalf if you DO know me...Gandalf the Grey.
'Now, will you humour an old man and walk with me for a spell? I am quite tired and could use the company.'

Objective 3

  • Walk with Gandalf and listen to him for a bit

You should accompany Gandalf, for he is a respected advisor of Thorin's.

You should walk alongside Gandalf
Gandalf says, "Your lord Thorin makes ready to go on a dangerous journey."
Gandalf says, "He asks me to advise him, yet he never listens. Wisdom is a curse!"
Gandalf says, "Hail, Balin and is time!"
Balin says, "Ah! We will make ready to leave."
Dwalin says, "The Lonely Mountain awaits!"
Gandalf: 'He doesn't listen, and so I will have to give things a little nudge. You see, we need another party member for the company that departs for the Lonely Mountain. Thirteen won't do.'

Objective 4

  • Follow Gandalf and listen to his musings

Walk with Gandalf while he wishes to have you near him.

You have work to do, but Gandalf has more yet to say
Gandalf says, "Thorin will not like my choice."
Gandalf says, "The final companion to join us will be a Burglar...a hobbit."
Gandalf says, "Bah! Don't look at me like that. Bilbo Baggins will make a better Burglar than even he knows."
Gandalf says, "Thorin will balk, but he'll need Bilbo before the end."
Gandalf says, "But hush -- let us say no more of the matter. Thorin is near."
Gandalf says, "Good day to you, Glóin. The others are making ready to depart."
Glóin says, "That is good news! I am weary of planning and waiting."
Glóin says, "There is a dragon to be bested, and treasure to be reclaimed!"
Gimli says, "Have a safe journey, father!"
Glóin says, "I shall see you on my return, son! Much honour will be restored to our family."
Gandalf says, "Hail, Thorin Oakenshield! I am at your service, and your good family's, of course."
Thorin Oakenshield says, "Ah, Gandalf! Is it time?"
Gandalf says, "Yes. The rest of your company is assembling at Frerin's Court."
Gandalf says, "...All but one, of course."
Thorin Oakenshield says, "Of course, of course! This mysterious warrior of whom you speak so highly."
Thorin Oakenshield says, "I look forward to meeting him...."
Thorin Oakenshield says, "...though Bilbo is an awfully strange name for a dwarf! He should be an interesting fellow."
Thorin Oakenshield says, "Gormr, my trusted friend!"
Thorin Oakenshield says, "You are hereby appointed Steward of these Halls in my absence."
Gormr Doursmith says, "I bid you a safe journey and a prosperous return, Master Thorin!"
Thorin departs, leaving his Hall in the care of Gormr Doursmith

Objective 5

  • Talk to Gormr, the new Steward of Thorin's Hall

Gormr Doursmith has been appointed Steward of Thorin's Halls while Thorin is away. Now that Thorin and Gandalf have departed, you should speak with Gormr to hear his instructions.

Gormr Doursmith: 'All right, young have dilly-dallied long enough. You ought to get back to work now. Hasn't your foreman given you enough to do?'

Objective 6

  • Collect equipment from the satchel near the door

A satchel full of equipment lies near the entrance to the Silver Deep Mine.

You should loot the satchel to equip what you will need for the day's work.

Gormr is in no mood to humour a young miner -- you should get your equipment and get to work

Objective 7

  • Collect equipment from the satchel near the door

A satchel full of equipment lies near the entrance to the Silver Deep Mine. You should loot the satchel to equip what you will need for the day's work.

Taking the contents of the Satchel...
You have collected a weapon, but something is amiss....

Objective 8

After you collected your weapon, a great quaking shook the very mountain above you. Gimli son of Glóin and Gormr are startled.

Gimli says, "What in the--?"
Gormr Doursmith says, "That mine should be stable! What could be causing that?"
Gimli says, "That didn't sound stable to me...."
Gimli says, "<name>, will you help me get the miners out?"
Gormr Doursmith says, "I'll go get help, Gimli!"
Prepare to prove your courage to Gimli

Objective 9

  • Spar with Gimli to practice your skill in battle

Gimli wishes for you to prove your strength before he allows you to follow him into the mine to rescue the workers. You never know what evils may appear when the mountains tremble.

Gimli: 'Have you equipped your weapon yet, <name>? Quickly now -- practice with me before you go into the mine. You never know what evils may appear when the mountains tremble!'
Gimli says, "Come, try your skill!"
Gimli says, "That will have to do...."
You have practised with Gimli. You must now venture into the mine....

Objective 10

  • Follow Gimli

The entrance to the Silver Deep Mine stands before you.

Gimli wishes to meet you inside the unstable mine, where you will help him get the miners out. You should walk into the doorway.

Gimli says, "Follow me, <name>!"
  • Ask Gimli what to do next
Gimli: 'We've got to clear out all these miners. A shaking tunnel is never a good sign, and we could even feel it outside!
'Quickly, <name>! You take this passage straight ahead, and I'll go off into this side passage.'

Objective 11

  • Convince the miners to leave

The miners can be found throughout the mine, hard at work.

A quaking of the earth has troubled Gormr, the new leader. He and Gimli want this mine clear so that nobody gets hurt.

Gimli says, "You gather those down this passage; I'll go down the one to the left!"
Kapall says, "Ho now! That can't be good...."
Kapall says, "The mountain sure is grumpy today!"
Vitnir says, "Aye,'s best to leave. Them cave-claws have weakened the mine with their nosey burrowing."
Monsi says, "An order to leave? Good! It sounds like a troll is on the loose."
  • Talk to Foreman Otur
Foreman Otur says, "Cursed thing!"
Foreman Otur: 'So we have the order to clear out? Good -- if I didn't know better, I'd think there was a troll romping around in the mountain.
'There is one miner left down this way. Let's go fetch him.'

Objective 12

  • Follow Foreman Otur

Follow Foreman Otur to get help for Gimli.

While you were trying to call Tvistur to Thorin's ceremony, he broke through a wall, unleashing a troll. The troll slew him, then chased after Gimli. You should follow Otur and see how you can get help for Gimli.

Foreman Otur says, "Tvistur should be just up ahead."
Foreman Otur says, "I'll warn you though, Tvistur won't come easily. He's a little hard of hearing...."
Foreman Otur says, "Bah! Locked. Let's take the side-path."
Foreman Otur says, "He should be just ahead! I can hear his mining pick."
Foreman Otur says, "The side-path has crumbled in the earthquake! Tvistur! Tvistur!"
Gimli says, "Oi! Tvistur! Come away from there!"
Gimli says, "I don't think he can even hear me...."
Tvistur says, "Hum dee dum!"
Gimli says, "Tvistur, the mine isn't safe!"
Tvistur says, "Doo dee dum."
Tvistur says, "There! That's got it!"
Tvistur says, "Wait...what's that shaking?"
Tvistur says, "It's a troll!"
Tvistur says, "Roar! You don't scare me, troll!"
Tvistur says, "Get out of our mine!"
Gimli says, "Tvistur! Run!"
Tvistur says, "Ugh...."
Foreman Otur says, "Poor Tvistur!"
Gimli says, "Come here, you oversized sack of stone!"
Foreman Otur says, "You are a <class>, are you not, <name>? You must help Gimli!"
  • Talk to Foreman Otur
Foreman Otur: 'We must be quick. I don't know how long Gimli can keep that troll busy before the beast overpowers him.
'Follow me!'
  • Follow Foreman Otur
Foreman Otur says, "Come on, <name>, this way!"
Foreman Otur says, "I'll break this dratted lock...."
Foreman Otur says, "Just a moment...."
Foreman Otur says, "There...that got it!"
Foreman Otur says, "Please help Gimli."

Objective 13

  • Follow the tunnel opened buy Tvistur to try to get to Gimli

The new tunnel excavated by Tvistur now yawns before you.

You should go down the tunnel to try to head off the troll as it pursues Gimli.

Foreman Otur says, "Watch out for cave-claws, as well. This mine is beset with perils today!"
Foreman Otur says, "I'll go get help!"
Foreman Otur says, "Be quick, go help Gimli!"
  • Follow the tunnel opened by Tvistur to try to get to Gimli
There is something strange about this place....

Objective 14

  • Examine the corpse in the Elf-ruins

You seem to have uncovered some old ruins, apparently from ancient Elf-structures. A body lies among them.

This dwarf is perfectly preserved, and he lies among ruins of an ancient Elf-structure....
"The corpse of this dwarf is ancient yet unchanged. He is well-preserved, and bears a strange rune upon his chest."

Objective 15

  • Defeat cave-claws as you make your way to Gimli and the troll (0/5)

Fight your way deeper into the Silver Deep to help Gimli.

As you followed Otur, he discovered that the door that led to the bridge had been damaged by the troll's attacks. He asked you to go and help Gimli while he went off to get more help.

Objective 16

  • Search for Gimli

You have made your way to Gimli. Help him, if you can!

Gimli says, "Baruk Khazad!"
Gimli says, "Khazâd ai-mênu!"
Gimli says, "Come to my axe, Troll!"
Gimli says, "Oof!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "There they are!"
Gandalf says, "Stay your hand, beast!"
Gandalf says, "You shall trouble us no more!"

Objective 17

Gandalf the Grey, a wizard accompanying Thorin's Company, saved Gimli from the troll.

Gimli says, "My thanks to you, Master Gandalf!"
Gandalf says, "You are most welcome, Master Dwarf."
Gimli says, "I wonder how long the troll has been roaming around these old Elf-ruins."
Gimli says, "I wish Tvistur had not been so careless!"
Gandalf says, "I'm glad Gormr fetched me in time! I do not doubt <name>'s courage, but I think this foe would have overwhelmed you both."
Gormr Doursmith says, "Oh my! What's this?"
Gandalf says, "What do you have there, Gormr?"
Gormr Doursmith says, "I found a trinket underfoot...."
Gandalf says, "I expect you will find many trinkets and forgotten artifacts. These are the ruins of Edhelion!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Aye! Skorgrím, my great ancestor, was murdered here in ancient times."
Gandalf says, "The Elves do not remember it that way, but it is no matter. <name>, you look as though you have something to say."

Objective 18

  • Talk to Gandalf

Gandalf the Grey, a wizard accompanying Thorin's Company, saved Gimli from the troll.

Gimli: 'I hope this is not an ill omen for my father's journey with Thorin.'
Gandalf: 'You found the body of a dwarf, did you? Do you hear that, Gormr? I wonder if <name> has come upon Skorgrim, lying under the collapsed ruins where he was smote by an Elf-warrior named Talagon.
'But that is a matter for years long passed. My business is with Thorin today. Gormr may look into the grave of this ancestor while he is Steward of this land in Thorin's absence.'