Quest:Instance: Imminent Collapse

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Instance: Imminent Collapse
Level 74
Type Solo
Starts with Ondor
Starts at Heathfells
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Map Ref [86.5S, 4.7W]
Quest Group Gap of Rohan: Heathfells
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Ondor the Dwarf seeks to collapse the tunnels from which the Orcs waylay the innocent, avenging the death of his father and sealing the doom of his foes."


You have come upon a cave-entrance in the northern Heathfells, on the border of Nan Curunir, where you have encountered a rather unusual dwarf. Without heed to his own safety, he has set about collapsing the cave-entrance, which he claims leads to a warren of Orcs below.

Objective 1

  • Defend Ondor as he works to collapse the cave-entrance

Defend Ondor as he works to collapse the cave-entrance.

Ondor: 'All right, here we go. Keep an eye on that cave, and if any Orcs come running...well, you know what to do.'
Ondor says, "A'right, I'm ready to bring this thing down."
Ondor says, "But there's gon' to be an awful racket."
Ondor says, "Those Orcs are going to come running, and I'll need you to hold em off for a minute or two."
Ondor says, "Here goes!"
Ondor says, "I 'canna dig while I'm fighting! Give me a hand here!"
Ondor says, "Back to work!"
Ondor says, "How's it going there? Hold em off just a bit longer!"
Ondor says, "Uh oh. Listen here <name>, this is gonna take a little longer than I thought."
Ondor says, "Hold em off a little longer!"
Ondor says, "I dinna care how, just run around in circles or something!"
Ondor says, "Ack, he's a biggun ain't he? Well, here it goes!"
Ondor says, "That's done! Now for your little friend there..."
Ondor says, "Hah! That's one more for the old Dwarf!"
Ondor has collapsed the cave-entrance
Ondor says, "Back to work!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ondor at the orc-cave

Ondor is at the Orc-cave.

You should speak with Ondor the Dwarf once more.

Ondor: 'Well, I suppose that's the last of the Orcs. It will take them weeks to dig out that mess...lazy curs.
'If it were dwarves trapped in there, they would be out in a day.'
Ondor: 'It has been a pleasure working with you, <name>.'