Quest:Instance: Commands of the King

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Instance: Commands of the King
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Gléowine
Starts at Meduseld
Start Region Edoras
Map Ref [62.2S, 72.8W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 11
Reflecting Pool West Rohan Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Commands of the King
"Théoden King has stepped beyond his hall to look upon the kingdom. What will he see, I wonder? And will it move him to strike down the evils arrayed against his people?"


Théoden has emerged from the Golden Hall to look out over his kingdom, and to issue the commands necessary for its survival.

Objective 1

Gléowine is outside Meduseld, worrying.

Gléowine: 'Théoden King has gone ahead with Gandalf, <name>. Do you think he has forgiven us? I know in my heart we returned for the good of the kingdom, but it is a serious crime to disobey the word of a king!
'My heart is a-flutter, friend.'
Gléowine says, "We returned in time, <name>, but should we have returned at all?"

Objective 2

Horn is outside Meduseld, waiting to speak with you.

Horn: 'Gléowine still believes we will be punished, but my mind is not troubled. We returned to Théoden at the right moment for forgiveness. Was Gandalf not sent away with equal force? And yet now he has the ear of the king, and speaks wisdom to him.
'We return without the insight of the Wizard, but we bring something valuable all the same: warning of Saruman's reach and power. That warning too has value to the king, and when he chooses his course he will weigh what we have to say alongside the words of his advisors.'
Horn says, "We returned with time enough to protect the King. That is what matters now."

Objective 3

Aragorn is outside Meduseld, waiting to speak with you.

Aragorn: 'Now we will hear the commands of Théoden, and learn if we have truly come to him in time. Rohan stands at a crossroad, and it is up to her King to choose the correct course. We will help him choose aright, to the sorrow of Saruman!
'It is not magic that Gandalf uses to cure Théoden of the hurts that Saruman and his agent Gríma have wrought. No, our wise friend seeks to cure Théoden with words: words of friendship and hope. Already I see it working.'
Aragorn says, "I place my trust in Gandalf. He has never failed that trust."

Objective 4

Gandalf is outside Meduseld, speaking words of wisdom to Théoden.

Gandalf: 'The air is fresh and clean, <name>, and the tall grasses sway in the breeze. From here we can look out over the fields of Rohan. See how the sunlight dances upon that distant river?
'It has been some days since Théoden beheld his own lands, I warrant. Gríma gave him report of them, but always in such a way as to advance his own ends, and those of Saruman his master.'

Objective 5

  • Stand with Théoden and hear the commands of the king

Théoden stands atop the steps outside Meduseld, gazing out upon his lands.

Théoden says, "You speak of a secret hope, Gandalf, but my heart is heavy."
Théoden says, "Alas for Boromir of Gondor! Alas for my own son Théodred!"
Théoden says, "The young and strong perish, while the old linger on. It is a cruel turn."
Gandalf says, "Your strength is not gone, my friend."
Gandalf says, "It lacks only your sword to return in full force."
Théoden says, "Ah, where is Herugrim? Gríma took it to keep it safe."
Théoden says, "Where might he have stowed it?"
Éomer says, "Take this blade, my lord! It was always yours to command!"
Théoden says, "Arise, Riders of Théoden!"
Éomer says, "Command us, my lord!"
Théoden says, "We must stamp out the threat of Saruman."
Théoden says, "Háma, bring Gríma before me. It is time he redeemed his treachery."
Háma says, "Aye, my lord."
Théoden says, "But you, my guests, deserve the hospitality of my house! I have been a poor host."
Aragorn says, "No, Théoden King. The Men of Rohan must ride today. And we will ride with them!"
Gimli says, "Yes!"
Théoden says, "You will be welcome, Aragorn, as will your friends."
Gandalf says, "Be not overconfident, Théoden King. Isengard is strong, and other perils there are also."
Gandalf says, "After we have gone, you must not delay. Lead the rest of your people to the Hold of Dunharrow."
Théoden says, "My people will go to Dunharrow, but I will not bring them there."
Théoden says, "I will ride to war, to fall in the front of the battle, if that is the need."
Éomer says, "The Lord of the Mark will ride!"
Man of Rohan says, "Eorlingas! Eorlingas!"
Man of Rohan says, "The Lord of the Mark!"
Gandalf says, "Who then will lead your people to safety?"
Théoden says, "I will think on that before I go. Here comes my counsellor."
Gríma Wormtongue says, "My lord, you should come in from the hot sun. Your meat is nearly ready."
Gríma Wormtongue says, "Can others not deal with these troublesome guests? Let Gríma send them away."
Théoden says, "No, Gríma. I will ride to war, as I should have done long ago, and you will ride with me."

Objective 6

Gríma has been brought out of Meduseld and awaits the King's judgment.

Gríma: Gríma's eyes dart back and forth from face to face, sizing up the assemblage.
'My lord, can you not see what this Wizard and his ragged band seek to achieve? They do not care for your health or for your safety, and seek to lead you into danger. Your death would grieve them little, but there are those close to you who would mourn even the smallest hurt to your person.
'Listen to Gríma, and come back inside. Abandon the madness these cruel ones have instilled in your mind. Let me send them away. Speak not of war! That is a young man's endeavor, and you have ruled the Mark for many seasons. Will you not listen to your faithful Gríma? Send me not away!'

Objective 7

  • Stand with Théoden and hear the commands of the king

Théoden stands atop the steps outside Meduseld, gazing out upon his lands.

Théoden says, "But I do not send you away, Gríma."
Théoden says, "I ask you to ride at my side, and thereby prove your faith. Will you do this?"
Gríma Wormtongue says, "A lord of the House of Eorl may have the stomach for war, but I am only a humble servant."
Gríma Wormtongue says, "Let me stay behind, a faithful steward to keep your hall until your return."

Objective 8

Gríma has asked to be named steward of Meduseld in Théoden's absence.

Gríma: Gríma hisses at you, his eyes narrowed unpleasently.
'Do not disturb my lord more than you have already! He is weary, and needs his rest. Only when you and your irksome friends leave his lands will he be once again at peace.'
Éomer: 'Do you hear how desperately he wishes to be relieved of this charge? If that plea does not excuse Gríma from war, I can think of no other that will. I would not trust him to carry a sack of grain into the mountains, for fear he would steal either the sack or its contents, whichever he thought we would desire more!
'My uncle is no fool. He will not humor this request.'

Objective 9

Gríma has asked to be named steward of Meduseld in Théoden's absence.

Gandalf: 'Enough! Gríma succeeds again, if not at his truest goal then still at one of value to his master. For Saruman is his master, and every hour we delay plays into his hands. We can spare no more time on him.'

Objective 10

  • Stand with Théoden and hear the commands of the king

Théoden stands atop the steps outside Meduseld, gazing out upon his lands.

Gandalf says, "He is not a man, but a snake. You cannot bring it safely along, nor can you leave it behind."
Gandalf says, "Give him a horse, and judge him by the choice he makes, whether to ally with you or with Saruman his master."
Théoden says, "No! Do not harm him!"
Théoden says, "My mercy is now ended. If I see him again it will not go well with Gríma."
Théoden says, "I go forth to battle. It is like to be my last riding, and Théodred my heir is slain."
Théoden says, "Whom shall I leave behind to rule in my stead?"
Théoden says, "Is there no man? In whom do my people trust?"
Háma says, "We trust in the House of Eorl."
Théoden says, "But Éomer is the last of that House, and I need his sword-arm. He cannot be spared."
Háma says, "I did not name Éomer, nor is he the last."
Háma says, "There is his sister Éowyn also, fearless and true of heart. All love her."
Háma says, "Let her lead the Eorlingas, while we are gone."
Théoden says, "You speak wisdom, Háma."
Théoden says, "So it shall be! Éowyn will rule the people in my stead, and lead them to Dunharrow, and safety."
Théoden says, "<name>, I ask that you and your friends help her with this burden."

Objective 11

Gandalf: 'I have long known there was strength still in this land, and in its king. Théoden's decisions on this day are not a surprise to me, and they should not have been surprising to you either, <name>.'

Completed: Instance: Commands of the King