Quest:Instance: Amarthiel's Hope

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Instance: Amarthiel's Hope
Level 50
Type Solo only
Starts with Calenglad
Starts at Tinnudir
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.7S, 67.2W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 9
Reflecting Pool Evendim Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"Suspecting that Amarthiel, the champion of Angmar, has come to Annúminas -- a suspicion supported by the warning of the Elf Laerdan -- the Rangers of the North prepare to infiltrate the ruined city and put an end to her evil plans...."


Calenglad has asked you to find Amarthiel and discover her plans. He has sent you to Annúminas with five Rangers to help fight off the Angmarim.

Objective 1

  • Talk to the Ranger Protector standing before you

Speak with the Ranger Protector before you search for Amarthiel.

Ranger Protector: 'Hurry, they were ready for us. We must push through if we are to find Amarthiel before it is too late! Follow us!'

Objective 2

Find Amarthiel and discover her plans.

Ranger Protector says, "Let us for the foe"
Amarthiel says, "None can hope to stand against us."
Amarthiel says, "All of my servants shall be rewarded."
Amarthiel says, "Welcome to Evendim, <name>!"
Amarthiel says, "Annúminas was once the shining jewel of the North Kingdom."
Amarthiel says, "From within its high walls, the kings of Men kept watch over their lands."
Amarthiel says, "Gone, gone, all gone now: the kings, the palantír they used, the people they protected."
Amarthiel says, "But fear not, <name>, and my Dúnedain friends!"
Amarthiel says, "For I have brought a palantír to Annúminas, and I will use it to look over my lands, as did the kings of old."
Amarthiel says, "That which was hidden from me will be found, and all shall look upon Amarthiel and despair!"
Amarthiel says, "Come, my loyal servants, my Black Númenóreans. There is much to be done within my new city."
Amarthiel says, "Deal with them, Morguldur. I tire of their intrusion."
Morguldur says, "It will be done, Lady Amarthiel."

Objective 3

You must defeat the Black Númenórean.

Defeated Morguldur
Ranger Protector says, "Victory is ours, <name>!"
Calenglad says, "<name>, you have survived! Worry brought me hither, and I feared what I might find."
Calenglad: 'We must return to Tinnudir, <name>. I fear that Amarthiel has won this hour. We must plan our next move, and quickly, so her victory will be short-lived.'
You have unlocked the movie 'The Champion of Angmar'.