Quest:In Their Absence, Chapter 4

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In Their Absence, Chapter 4
Level 65
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Bounder Boffin
Starts at Northcotton Farm
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.9S, 68.0W]
Ends with Benedric Jacklin
Ends at Stoneheight
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [9.5S, 50.2W]
Quest Group In Their Absence
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I get the impression that this Thadúr was an ancient fellow, which means that the mystery of his final words may be ancient as well. It could be that Tirith dan Forduath is an old name for a place that goes by now a new name! In fact, I am almost certain this is the case!

'If so, then you're not very far from solving this mystery, because a hobbit lives nearby who just loves the history and makeup of old words. If anyone knows what "Tirith dan Forduath" describes, it'll be Ronald Dwale. He is an expert at languages and words.

'Ronald Dwale lives north-east of Oatbarton, just outside the village of Dwaling. If you would solve this mystery of words, you should talk to him at once!'


Before his defeat, Thadúr the Ravager spoke some mysterious words. You must get to the bottom of them before great evil comes to pass.

Objective 1

Ronald Dwale lives north-east of Oatbarton just outside the village of Dwaling.

Bounder Boffin has sent you to speak with Ronald Dwale about Thadúr's final words. If anyone knows what Tirith dan Forduath is, he will.

Ronald Dwale: 'Yes? You have a philological question for me? Wonderful, wonderful! It is my favourite study of all: the study of words!'
Ronald Dwale listens eagerly as you recount the final threatening words of Thadúr the Ravager.
'Ah, very interesting, yes. Tirith dan Forduath. A bit on the easy side, but it does have a few points of note. "Tirith" is "guard", and "dan" gives us "against." So this is a location that guards against something, some threat. But what threat?
'Words, as you have certainly observed by now, sometimes behave differently together than they do apart, and such is the case here. Forduath us a construction composed of two words joined for the purpose of linguistics: in this case "forn," "northern," and "dúath," "shadow." You are looking for a place once known as "Guard against the Northern Shadow," and I think I know the place!
'It is not called that anymore, of course, and in my studies I have learned that it was also once called Orod Elon, the "Mountain of the Stars and Stones." But now it is called Stoneheight, and it is on the North Downs, north-east of Amon Raith. A road leads north of a deserted farm-house, climbing up to the heights.'

Objective 2

Stoneheight is located on the North Downs, north-east of Amon Raith. The town of Stoneheight is located atop a sloping rise north of a deserted farm-house.

Ronald Dwale has teased apart the meaning of Thadúr's final words and has told you that Tirith dan Forduath was the ancient name for a place now called Stoneheight, on the North Downs.

Benedric Jacklin: 'A friendly face? At last! Oh, my friend it is terrible! War and death have come to Stoneheight! This place is lost!'