Quest:Hospitality in a Strange Land

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Hospitality in a Strange Land
Level 71
Type Solo
Starts with Sabert
Starts at Stangard
Start Region Stangard
Map Ref [25.7S, 62.8W]
Ends with Sithric
Ends at The Mead Hall
End Region Stangard
Quest Group Eorlsmead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A traveller in these parts? Very strange...but you do not look evil. Where do you hail from? What news of the lands to the west?

'In Rohan, guests to our homes must share our bread with us, but I am afraid I have no bread to share. Cynred is the keeper of the food-stores these days, and the food is well-guarded in the lock-house.

'You should speak to Cynred, and he will honour the Rohirrim laws of hospitality.'


Stangard is the chief settlement of Rohan in the Great River area. It is an expansive city with many homes, stables, guard-houses, and watch-towers.

Objective 1

  • Ask Cynred if he will give you rations for our stay in Stangard

Cynred, the keeper of the food and keys, is near the lock-houses of Stangard in Eorlsmead.

You should speak with Cynred at Sabert's recommendation that laws of hospitality be honoured.

Cynred: 'You are looking for rations, traveller? Who sent you? Stanric or Sithric? It was Sabert, you say?
'My apologies, but I cannot give out rations without the permission of the council -- the laws here are higher now than the old laws of hospitality.
'You should speak with our leader…leaders, I should say. They are in the Mead Hall, and Gada will let you in.'
Cynred seems unable to say whether food can be shared with you.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gadda, Lieutenant of Stangard, to gain entrance to the Mead Hall

The Mead Hall is the large structure at the top of Stangard's hill.

You should seek entrance to the Mead Hall by speaking with Gadda, the guard.

Gadda: 'You may enter, traveller. My captain, Stanric, can be found within. If it is hospitality you seek, Stanric will provide it. He is a good man.'
Gadda says, "Stanric, our true leader, is within. Alas, that you will likely need to hear Sithric as well. These are troubled times in Stangard."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Stanric, the captain at Stangard

Stanric, the leader of Stangard, can be found in the Mead Hall.

You should seek hospitality in Stangard from Stanric.

Stanric: 'Hail, friend. I am the captain of this outpost here in Stangard…rather, I was the captain. It is complicated now….
'Nevertheless, you are welcome to break bread with us as our guest.'
Stanric's train of thought was interrupted by another standing nearby

Objective 4

Sithric stands at the head of the Mead Hall in Stangard.

You should speak with Sithric.

Sithric: 'Stanric makes me laugh. He knows full well we have barely enough bread to share among his own men. You will need to earn your won bread, traveller.
'Stanric, this is exactly the sort of behaviour that got you into this trouble to begin with.'
It would seem that the leaders of Stangard are at odds.
Sithric says, "You are a fool, Stanric. Your failure to make reasonable decisions is what made my place here necessary."