Quest:Homestead Defence

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Homestead Defence
Level 69
Type Solo
Starts with Mabon
Starts at Starkmoor
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [81.0S, 20.9S]
Quest Group Dunland: Starkmoor
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If we are to recover anything from the homestead, we must move quickly. A group of Dragon-clan raiders just passed by here. They must have copied down some of the items from the ledger before you recovered all of the pages.

'This homestead is all my family has. I beg you to help me save it.'


Andras is not the only one who wishes to obtain valuables from his homestead.

Objective 1

Mabon is just east of the homestead in the northern Starkmoor.

Mabon needs your help to drive the raiders out of his father's homestead and protect the valuables within.

Mabon: 'If I could, I would do this myself. Please, help me save our land!'

Complete the Instance: Homestead Defence quest.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Mabon at Andras' homestead

Mabon is just east of the Homestead in the northern Starkmoor.

Mabon will want to speak with you about the raid.

Mabon: 'I thank you for all of your help. I do not know who those men were, but it is clear that they knew my father and were friends. I am very glad for that.'