Quest:Gifts -- A Dwarf-shield

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Gifts -- A Dwarf-shield
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Dudo Chubb
Starts at Hobbiton
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.3S, 71.2W]
Ends with Ormr
Ends at Thorin's Gate
End Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [15.1S, 103.1W]
Quest Chain Anniversary Event
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The festival is a great time for gift-giving, and I have the perfect idea for a fantastic tribute!

'I have this large shield here, much too big for a hobbit, but I have heard of a dwarf in the Blue Mountains named Ormr who is especially found of shields like this one. He could put it to much better use than any Bounder here...would you be so kind as to take this to him in Frérin's Court?'


Dudo Chubb wishes to spread the cheer of the celebration to Ormr, a dwarf acquaintance of his in Ered Luin.

Objective 1

Ormr is at Frérin's Court, near Thorin's Hall in Ered Luin.

Dudo Chubb would like you to bring a shield to the dwarf Ormr.

Dudo Chubb: 'Ormr can be found working in Frérin's Court, right outside of Thorin's Hall. For the most direct route, may I suggest visiting the stable-master in Michel Delving?'
Ormr: 'Ormr at your service and your family's.
'My, that is a fine shield...a strong shield, indeed! I shall pass this on to my son. He could put this to use in protecting our land. Cheers to you and yours.'
Ormr says, "This shield will be put to good use. Thank you, friend!"