Quest:Forged by the Master

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Forged by the Master
Level 108
Type Solo
Starts with Sversting
Starts at Lûghash
Start Region Dor Amarth
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

At last we meet, <name>! Spakorth told us of the aid you brought his expedition, and I wished to look upon the outsider myself! Ah, but you're no outsider now, are you?

'You may call me Sversting, and I am the forge-master of Lûghash - and the most skilled smith of all the Stout-axes that remain in Mordor! Aye, we are not as many as we once were...but it brings me great pride nonetheless!

'My works have earned me a great deal of Mistress Zôreth's favour, and She has told me of a great rumour she learned by spying upon the Men of Barad-dûr. She claims that our imprisoned King still lives, locked away in the depths of the Dark Tower!

'It is too great a tale for me to believe at once, but what if it were true? If King Greytooth were to return to his people at last, he must have a weapon befitting a King!

'Spakorth tells me you wish to aid us. Is that right? I would ask that you bring me wood from abandoned banner poles and chunks of sharp obsidian from the banks of the lava-floes. Also, should you encounter any of the shards of Barad-dûr that were hurled from the Dark Tower as it fell, gather as much as you can!

'It is time we Stout-axes took something from Sauron!'


Hopeful that their King will one day return, the Stout-axes of Lûghash seek to forge a new weapon from the works of the Dark Lord himself.

Objective 1

  • Collect chunks of raw obsidian near Orodruin
  • Collect wood-scraps from ruined banner poles in Dor Amarth (0/8)
  • Collect steel from a ruined shard of Barad-dûr

Obsidian can be found near lava-floes around Orodruin, wood can be salvaged from ruined banner poles on the plains of Dor Amarth, and shards of Barad-dûr's steel can be found in the lands surrounding Sauron's fallen tower.

Sversting has asked you to gather obsidian, wood, and a shard of Barad-dûr's steel that he might craft a weapon of renown in honour of their lost King.

Objective 2

  • Deliver the Obsidian, wood, and steel to Seversting in Lûghash

Sversting can be found at the forges of Lûghash.

You have gathered much obsidian, wood, and even a shard of Barad-dûr itself. You should now deliver them to Sversting at the forges of Lûghash.

'Yes,Yes! These will do the trick!
'The Dark Lord's steel is a curious creation -- it is light, yet sturdy, and I have come to believe it cannot be dulled by the passing of time.
'You know as well as I that it cannot match the beauty and strength of mithril! No dwarf would dare think such a thing! Even so, it has no equal in Mordor. If our King should ever return, he shall bear a weapon worthy of his line. I sware it!
'I shall set my smiths to work at once. You have my thanks, <name>.'