Quest:Fallen Stones and Forgotten Tales

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Fallen Stones and Forgotten Tales
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Erymeldir
Starts at Limlight Glade
Start Region The Great River
Map Ref [29.4S, 72.1W]
Ends with Ordhrien
End Region The Great River
Map Ref [29.4S, 72.1W]
Quest Group Limlight Gorge
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Oh, you noticed those old ruins out there in the Gorge did you? I must admit, they are from before even my time, so I know little about them.

'You could ask Ordhrien about them, she is a fair bit older than myself and may know more.


You discovered a number of unimagineably old ruins within the Limlight Gorge. They appear to be Elvish, but it is impossible to say what age they may have hailed from.

Objective 1

Erymeldir claims to know little of the ancient Elvish ruins within the Limlight Gorge, saying that they were abandoned even before he was born.

He suggested that you may want to ask Ordhrien about them as she is a good bit older than he.

Ordhrien: 'Erymeldir said that you should ask me about those Ruins?
'His ignorance has less to do with his tender age that it does with his flighty nature and lack of interest in anything that does not catch is fancy at the moment.
'Any child of Lórien could have told you what they were, for once they were part of Lórien itself, long ago
'If you wish to know more about them, you should speak with the Gorge itself, for fragments of the spirits that once dwelt there with us yet remain, for those who know what to look for. Return to the Gorge by starlight and look more closely at those faded lights you have seen in your wanderings, and you may learn of its past.'