Quest:Emissary of the Stout-axes

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Emissary of the Stout-axes
Level 108
Type Solo
Starts with Spakorth
Starts at Blozronk
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [47.8S, 13.7E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

It has been long since my folk last spoke to outsiders...especially those with the might to bring Him low.

'For what purpose have you come to these lands? To liberate its peoples? Conquest? I suppose it does not matter now. You are here, and so that is that! The Deathless may not see it so, but their quarrels are their own!

'I must your vast armies, were there any [Dwarf: others like us] [non-Dwarf: dwarves]? We have seen naught of our kin and cousins in the lands beyond Mordor since the early days of our folk in the mountains to the East, and I am gladdened to learn that we are not the last dwarves in this realm. [Dwarf: You look a mighty Dwarf, indeed, but were there any others among your company?]'

You tell Spakorth of Gimli and of the House of Durin's Folk.

Ah! So [Dwarf: another] [non-Dwarf: one] of my kin has come to these lands [Dwarf: as well]? And one from the old House of Durin, no less! If he so wishes it, I would much desire to meet him!

'Tell this Gimli of the Stout-axes of Mordor! If he wishes to meet with me, I would have us forge a new peace free of Sauron's influence.

'Go! I shall wait here for a time, and if you do not return, I shall honour his choice.'


After encountering the Stout-axe dwarves of Mordor, Legolas and Gimli hope to establish peace with this long-lost House.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Gimli at the ruins of Díngarth

Gimli can be found at the ruins of Díngarth in Dor Amarth.

Spakorth of the Stout-axes has offered to treat with Gimli at Blozronk. You should return to Gimli and Legolas.

Gimli: 'You found them after all, <name>? Oh ho! Tell me of them!'
You tell Gimli of the Stout-axe dwarves of Mordor and of their origins in the mountains to the East. You also mention that Spakorth has asked to meet with Gimli a the muddied cistern of Blozronk to the east.
'Stout-axe Dwarves? I have never heard of a House bu that name in all my my years. Perhaps it was a name given to them by the Dark Lord, or the line was broken...'
Gimli appears initially perplexed by this news, but a wave of merriment soon washes over his face.
'Still, they did you no harm, so I shall hear this Spakorth's words.'
Legolas lets out a stern cough.
'Oh, you think they're up to something, do your? Well, for all I know of them, they might well be. Why don't you come along too, Legolas.
'Let us go to Blozronk, <name>. Lead the way!'
NOTE: You will swiftly travel to Blozronk when you continue the quest.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gimli at Blozronk

Gimli can be found at his campsite within Dor Amarth.

Spakorth has told the tale of his people's enslavement by a Black Númenórean and how the House that belonged to his ancestors was slowly brought to ruin by Sauron. You should speak to Gimli about what is to be done.

Gimli: 'Aye, [non-Dwarf: he's a dwarf all right. Not that I doubted you, <name>, but] I am just as surprised as you to find dwarves here in Mordor! I am just as surprised as you to find dwarves here in Mordor [Dwarf:, <name>].
'The Stout-axes...I must admit, I have many questions I wish to ask about the early years of their folk and how they came to dwell here. There is so much to be learned from them [Dwarf: -- so much to be learned for the dwarves!] Even if they toiled under the Dark Lord, I'd wager they're still a better lot than the Dourhands.
'See, Legolas,? It's not like he's got evil eyes painted all over him!
'I think it's time we properly introduce ourselves, wouldn't you say?'
  • Listen to Gimli and Spakorth
Gimli says, 'Hail! I am Gimli, son of Glóin, of Durin's Folk.'
Spakorth says, 'Hail to you, Gimli of Durin's Folk. I am Spakorth of the Stout-axes!'
Spakorth says, 'I am one of many servants to the Mistress of Lûghash, and I come bearing an offer of peace between our Houses.'
Gimli says, 'Do you speak for this Mistress of Lûghash or for the Stout-axes?'
Spakorth says, 'I speak only for my kin, and they desire to be free of the Mistress's rule!'
Spakorth says, 'We wish only to rule ourselves once more! Will you aid us?'
Legolas says, 'You served Sauron, did you not? How can we trust your words?'
Gimli says, 'Nonsense! They are not like the Dourhands, Legolas!'
Gimli says, 'By Durin's Beard, I swear your folk shall be free once more!'
Legolas says, 'I will not protest, Gimli, but one of us must return to Díngarth and keep watch on Dor Amarth.'
Legolas says, 'And so I shall...'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Spakorth at Blozronk

Spakorth can be found at Blozronk in Dor Amarth.

Gimli and Legolas have discussed their concerns, but Gimli appears eager to help the dwarves of Lûghash despite Legolas's reticence. You should now speak to Spakorth and learn how best to aid his folk.

Spakorth: 'Gimli seems a fine dwarf, and I am glad to have met him. He has many questions, and I am pleased to say that I can provide him many of the answers he seeks. If there is time enough, I have questions of my own!
'We Stout-axes hold little sway in Mordor, but we dwell in peace within the Flaming Spire under the rule of Mistress Zôreth. We are no Dwarf-kingdom of old, but we are not so few as to be forgotten in this land -- for even Sauron could not forget us!
'If your or Gimli wish it, you are welcome to visit our home in Lûghash - provided the Mistress does not find out, of course.
'Hah! But if she didn't know you were there...'