Quest:Defend Us

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Creep-icon.png Defend Us
Faction Creep
Level 120
Type Solo
Starting Loc Grothum
Start Gasham [13.2S, 12.9W]
Ending Loc Grothum
Ends Gasham [13.2S, 12.9W]
Money Reward 13 Silver 44 Copper 
Rank change Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy (80)
Commendations Commendation-icon.png 80 Commendations
Repeatable Daily

Bestowal dialogue

'You, there! The Free Peoples are coming, and we are frightened. We need your help. Yes, we are whimpering creatures not fit to carry the banner of Angmar. I grovel at your mighty feet and ask you for help.

'You will give help, for you must!

'Kill the Free Peoples that come here to Grothum. Kill them in our village!'


The Free Peoples have been coming into Grothum village, killing goblins and stealing their food and ale.

Objective 1

  • Defeat the Free Peoples at Grothum (0/15)

Slaughter the Free Peoples as they attempt to destroy the goblins of Grothum.

You have been asked to honour the pledge made by Angmar to assist the goblins against the Free Peoples, an obligation you must fulfil.

Objective 2

  • pending



  • 13 Silver 44 Copper 
  • 60 Commendation 
  • Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy ( 80 )

Walkthrough & Notes