Quest:Defence at the Carrock

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Defence at the Carrock
Level 120
Type Solo
Starts with Gwaihir
Starts at The Eyrie
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [14.8N, 61.1W]
Ends with Grimbeorn
Ends at Beorninghús
End Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [13.5N, 53.3W]
Quest Group Vales of Anduin: Beorning-lands
Quest Chain Through the Vale
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'And yet what is this? No sooner have we made this pact than I see evil on the very horizon! Winged drakes descend from the heights, and it seems they make for the mighty stone that Beorn named of old the Carrock. It was dear to him, and in memory of him I will not permit these drakes to spill innocent blood upon its surface!

'Anórohir, this is my command: take <name> upon your wing, and fly to battle with the drakes. There is little time to spare!'


The Carrock is under attack!

Objective 1

Gwaihir the Wind-lord can be found at the Eyrie.

You should talk to Gwaihir.

Gwaihir: 'We will bring you to the Carrock immediately. Get ready for flight, and then fight!
Complete Instance: Defence at the Carrock
Varthmath: 'We must tell Grimbeorn at once. He will be grateful to know the Eagles gave you warning of this attack.'

Objective 2

Grimbeorn can be found at the Beorninghús in the Beorning-lands.

You should talk to Grimbeorn.

Beorning version:

Grimbeorn: 'Ah <kin-daughter/kin-son>, I am pleased that you and Varthmath are both safe, and even more so that you fought valiantly at the Carrock. This wretched drake-scale is the proof of it, and will be a fine trophy!

Non-Beorning version:

Grimbeorn: 'You and Varthmath have returned in safety, and with a tale to tell. This wretched drake-scale tells an even finer tale, for it says to me that you fought bravely and the Carrock remains unsullied.


'It is good the Gwaihir and the Eagles will keep watch over the Vales, for if they spy out the threats we will be able to deal with them more easily, and together these lands will soon be made safe again.'