Quest:Chapter 9: A Song for Byre Tor

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Chapter 9: A Song for Byre Tor
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Horn
Starts at Whitshaws
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [37.8S, 66.1W]
Ends with Nona
Ends at Nona's Cave
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.8S, 68.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Nona told us that the survivors in her care came from the city of Byre Tor. According to Gléowine's map, that is north of here along the road, amid the High Knolls of Wildermore.

'My master has also expressed a desire to see the city. I believe he has the kernel of a song in his heart, and desires to see what has befallen Byre Tor in order to make that kernel set forth its shoots.

'If we find Orcs there, as we certainly must, we will slay them. If Nona's heart beats for the people under her care, so too does mine, <name>.'


Horn is ready to follow Nona to the cave she mentioned in the mountains, but the road leads first to the city of Byre Tor.

Objective 1

The city of Byre Tor is in the High Knolls of Wildermore, located north of Dunfast along the road.

Horn desires to see the city of Byre Tor for himself and then to proceed on to the cave of which Nona spoke.

Gléowine: 'I would like to see Byre Tor, <name>. There is a kernel of a song in my heart, and I wish to make it grow.
'The city is north of here, along the road.'
Gléowine looks at the city and sighs. 'Byre Tor has indeed fallen, as we feared.'

Objective 2

Horn and Gléowine want you to defeat Orcs in the city of Byre Tor.

Gleowine desires to compose a song about Byre Tor, and is using your battles with Orcs as inspiration.

Gléowine sings, "A city on a hill she was, strong Byre Tor, fair Byre Tor."
Gléowine sings, "From far across the plain her banners we espied."
Gléowine sings, "And she was a comfort in time of pain, time of want,"
Gléowine sings, "But the winter came, and with it an iron tide."
Gléowine sings, "And it was our day to comfort, our time to protect."
Gléowine sings, "From each corner of the land all would ride."
Gléowine sings, "To that city on the hill, strong Byre Tor, fair Byre Tor."

Objective 3

Nona's cave is in the north-western heights of the rocky crags in the High Knolls, in Wildermore.

Gléowine has finished his song, and Horn is satisfied with the Orcs you have defeated in Byre Tor.

This may be the entrance to Nona's cave, but there is only one way to know for certain

Objective 4

  • Search the cave for Nona

If this is the cave of which Nona spoke, she will likely be somewhere inside.

Nona: 'My friends... I am glad to see you, really I am. But I just cannot... I cannot leave these people. I found them dying in the snow, and I brought them here, but they have not yet recovered. I will not abandon them now.'
Nona lowers her voice and speaks privately to you and Horn.
'I rescued four folk from that city, and while three of them are now doing much better, I fear the fourth may succumb. Speak to them, if they will speak to you, and there may be something you can do to ease their recoveries.
'I am glad to see you. <name>, and... and Horn. I just...'
Nona trails off and will speak no more for now.

Objective 5

The survivors Nona rescued from Byre Tor can be found throughout the two chambers of her cave.

Elda: 'You... you are a friend of Nona, then? She... is a remarkable girl. I did not know the Dunlendings had... the capacity for kindness.'
He coughs weakly.
'My name is Elda, and when the Orcs came to my city... I picked up sword and shield and thought... to fight. But a great piece of masonry crumbled... not two yards from where I stood, and...'
Elda shudders with the memory.
'I awoke in this cave. I think the Orcs thought... thought I was dead. I am fortunate... Nona found me... or I would be dead.'
Ymma: 'My name is Ymma. Any friend of Nona's is a friend of mine, and a friend of my family's, though most of them be dead. The city had no chance. The Orcs climbed the stony cliffs around Byre Tor under cover of the night, and by morning the unnatural snows had come. We could fight against Orcs, even such Orcs as these, but there was more: a great shadow in the darkness!'
Ymma shivers at the memory.
'I will know forever the names of the Orcs that slaughtered my friends and my family as they ran, <name>. One day when I am recovered I will hunt them down and show them what their attack on Byre Tor has cost them: their future days.'
Elfgifu: 'I am Elfgifu, friend of Nona. I saw to the horses of Byre Tor, <name>, and it was their panic that saved me. I was given warning enough of the Orc attack that I was partway down the hill when the giant... when the giant...'
Elfgifu trails off, visibly upset by the memory.
'All of us owe our lives to Nona. I never thought I would owe such a debt to a Dunlending! But there it is. Elda, Ymma, and I would be dead were it not for her ministrations. I do not know the name of the other man she saved; I do not recognize him. He may not be from Byre Tor. This may be heartless, but I fear he will die before I learn his name. That is a sad truth indeed!'
Dying man: This man is close to death and his sightless eyes cannot focus on you. You wonder what it is he is seeing, and hope he soon will find peace from it.

Objective 5

Nona is in her cave in the High Knolls.

Dying man: The man stares forward with sightless eyes, and his breathing is shallow and ragged. He makes no sign of seeing you.
Elfgifu: 'I wonder what became of the horses of Byre Tor? I wish there was a way for me to repay them. Without their panic I might not have known to flee before it was too late! I suppose they have all been slain or eaten by now.'
Ymma: 'One day I will kill the Orcs responsible for this, my new friend. One day.'
Elda: 'I am fortunate Nona found me. I would be dead if she had not, and these others with me.'
Nona: 'Do you see now why I cannot abandon these people, <name>? I have to know they are safe. I have been speaking with Horn, and he... he understands.'
Nona turns the full force of her scowl upon Horn, who seems to have lost his voice temporarily. 'He understands,' she continues.
'Thank you all for the root vegetables, also! I will see if that will help spur the recovery of those in my care. I fear it will not be enough for the dying man in my care.'