Quest:Chapter 11: Grief and Insight

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Chapter 11: Grief and Insight
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Halbarad
Starts at Lhanuch
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.6S, 17.3W]
Ends with Corunir
Ends at Zudrugund
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [65.6S, 8.5W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I want Corunir to come back from Zudrugund. It is time we made ready to leave once again, and I want every Ranger ready to depart. We have lost too many of our number to foolish detours! Enough!

'Go to Zudrugund and tell Corunir that it is done. We ride at first light. I do not care what Nár may know, or of what Ergothorn was afraid. I thought we could attain some secret, some new wisdom that would be of use to Aragorn when we come at last to him in Rohan, but I was wrong.

'There is no secret weapon, no easy victory. Go to Corunir and tell him we are done with Zudrugund and done with Nár.'


Devastated by the losses suffered by the Grey Company on the Forsaken Road, Halbarad wants you to tell Corunir it is time to leave.

Objective 1

Corunir is at Zudrugund.

Halbarad wants you to tell Corunir to come back to Lhanuch.

Halbarad: 'Tell Corunir to return to Lhanuch. We are done with Zudrugund and done with Nár.'
Corunir: 'I must follow Halbarad's orders, but I will not leave until I have some answers! After the disaster of the Forsaken Road, I strode through the Coomb and collected the ingredients for the strange-smelling brew: Kibil-luwz, Nijam-mudju, and Hulwul-hurz. Frithgeir did not want to, but at the end I gave him no choice, and he has brewed the drink and given it to Nár.
'Hurry! Go now to Nár and ask him, once again, how he knows of the Oath-breakers! Ask him how he knows the words of Elrond concerning the Paths of the Dead! Ask him why my friends are dead!
'Go, <name>! We will leave Zudrugund, but first I want to know why all of this had to happen!'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Nár in Zudrugund

Nâr is in Zudrugund.

Corunir, angered by the loss of his friends along the Forsaken Road, has forced Frithgeir to give Nár the strange-smelling brew once again, in order for the dwarf to give clear answers about his knowledge.

Corunir: 'Hurry! You must ask Nár these questions before the effects'of the brew fade! I want to know why this had to happen! I will not leave here without answers!
Frithgeir: 'I have given Nár the brew once again. Your Ranger friend had a strange fire in his eyes, and I did not feel I could refuse. You should hurry, for the effects will not last.'
Nár: The distant expression that Nár usually wears has been replaced with a shrewd glare. He is still under the effect of the strange-smelling brew, but that clarity may not last long.
'<name>': 'How do you know Elrond's words?'
Nár: 'I did not know the words of Elrond were a secret. My friend knew of them, and spoke at length concerning the futility of traversing the Paths of the Dead.'
Nâr breathes deeply of the strange-smelling brew, and he smiles quizzically at you.
Nár: 'He sees much that perhaps should have remained hidden, it's true; but when he speaks of a thing I confess it seems foolhardy to disagree or debate with him on it. He has a curious way about him, this friend I met in the mines. I thought it strange to see him there, but he said Herluf brought him down.'
Nâr's brow creases in thought.
Nár: 'But that's odd. Herluf went south to Zigil-jabâl and hasn't been here for years. I wonder when he let my friend into the mines?'
'<name>': 'He can't have.'
'<name>': 'Who did you meet in the mines?'
Nár looks at you with amusement; clearly he thinks you have said something funny.
Nár: 'Why Saruman the White, of course. I thought you knew.'
Nâr does not seem to notice your shocked expression.
Nár: 'He has long been a friend of my family, of course. He is the very wisest of the Wise, it is said, and I agree.'
Nár finally seems to notice your shocked expression, and as you hastily explain Saruman's treachery, Nár waves his hand impatiently.
Nár: 'There must be some mistake. Saruman has always been a friend to dwarves, and through the long years he has told us a great deal that would otherwise remain hidden. The Wizard has not betrayed us! There must have been some mistake. You seem to think I have done something wrong, but I can tell you I certainly have not!'
'<name>': 'How can it be?'
'<name>': 'What did you tell him?'
Nár: 'He was very interested in the Rangers, of course, and in the Dunlendings who live nearby. He wanted any maps of cave systems and dwarf-mines I could bring him from the library. He said he was trying to protect the Dunlendings from a massive gathering of uruks, and so he was! You saw the group that attacked us here!'
'<name>': 'But Nár...'
'<name>': 'Did he say anything abut Ergothorn?'
Nár: 'He never spoke of anyone called Ergothorn to me. He did speak occasionally of someone doing his work in the lands of Enedwaith, Dunland, and Rohan, but whether he was talking about the same person or more than one was never clear to me. It is not the place of this dwarf to question a Wizard!'
'<name>': 'I see.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Corunir in Zudrugund

Corunir is at Zudrugund.

You have spoken to Nár about a number of topics of interest to Corunir and should tell the Ranger what you have learned.

Frithgeir: 'I am sorry for what has happened to your friends because of this. I did not think this could happen.'
Corunir: 'I cannot believe this! The traitor Saruman has been influencing our errand without our knowledge, and we have played right into his hands!
'This stage of our journey, this investigation into the mystery posed by Nár, is over. Halbarad is right: the next stage of our journey will take us south into Dunland, likely towards war and danger, right under the shadow of our enemy, but it does not matter. What matters is that we journey. For good or ill, the Grey Company will continue on its road.
'This detour means our enemy knows we are coming. We must hope he does not know why, but if he does, perhaps that knowledge will cause him to make a mistake, to make some error he will regret.
'Our friends have perished. Our hope for the future must not die with them. The Grey Company will ride again, and soon. You will come with us, if you still wish to. I would not blame you for changing your mind, for the road will be hard.'