Quest:Chapter 4: Ergothorn Elf-friend

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Chapter 4: Ergothorn Elf-friend
Level 65
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Halbarad
Starts at Lhanuch
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.6S, 17.4W]
Ends with Glynn Brenin
Ends at Lhanuch
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.5S, 17.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Radanir found this letter stuck into a nearby tree with a knife, <name>. It is addressed 'To the Rangers,' and...well, I have left it on that crate there. Read it and tell me what you think it means.'

This quest is meant for a fellowship. If you choose to undertake this quest solo you will receive an Inspired Greatness bonus, but the challenge will be great.


Radanir found a mysterious note from a purported friend: but can Ergothorn Elf-friend be trusted?

Objective 1

The mysterious letter is on a crate by Halbarad.

Radanir found a letter addressed 'To the Rangers' stuck in a tree with a knife, and Halbarad wants you to read it and give your opinion on its truthfulness.

Halbarad: 'Read the letter and tell me what you think, <name>. I have left it on the crate there for you.'
Note from Ergothorn: To the Rangers:
I am a man of Gondor, a friend to the Elves and of all good folk. Call me Ergothorn. I see the danger growing in the East and wish to oppose it.
Lheu Brenin dispatched a messenger from Tûr Morva in Dunland, but the messenger was beset by foes outside Lhaid Ogo in the Lich Bluffs and was dragged within. If he yet lives, he will have information for you.
I cannot reveal myself to you, but trust that I am a friend. I will contact you again when it is safe to do so.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Halbarad

Halbarad is among the huts on the western side of Lhanuch.

You have read the note from Ergothorn and should now speak with Halbarad about it.

Halbarad: 'Is this Ergothorn a friend? Why will he not show his face? I do not like this, <name>. And yet if he is telling the truth...
'We need to know, <name>. Gather allies you can trust and go to Lhaid Ogo, far to the south of here, on the right side of the road through the Lich Bluffs. It may be that a messenger from the south is in trouble, and if so, we could use the information he brings.
'But keep your eyes open. I will not trust Ergothorn without proof. It may be a trap.'

Objective 3

Lhaid Ogo is on the right side of the road that runs through the Lich Bluffs.

Halbarad is not certain that Ergothorn can be trusted, but he wants you to travel to Lhaid Ogo to see if there is any truth to the mysterious letter.

Halbarad: 'If you find a messenger from the south in Lhaid Ogo, we will know that Ergothron was telling the truth...about this matter, at least.
'Gather allies you can trust and go to Lhaid Ogo, on the right side of the road that runs south through the Lich Bluffs.'
There are signs of struggle outside the entrance to Lhaid Ogo

Objective 4

Somewhere inside Lhaid Ogo, a messenger from Dunland may be in trouble.

Objective 5

Glynn Brenin is in the Brenin's Hall, atop the hill of Lhanuch.

You have rescued the Dunlending messenger and should return to Glynn Brenin to hear his message.

Halbarad: 'Ergothorn steered us true on this matter, but I do not give my trust so easily. Truth often comes before a lie, the better to ensure the lie go undetected.'
Glynn Brenin: 'Anirin has given me the message from Lheu Brenin of Tûv Morva, and it fills me with joy, for it means that the Uch-lûth do not stand alone against the Wizard Saruman. We have some few allies still, and that gives me hope.