Quest:Chapter 1: Secrets of Zudrugund

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Chapter 1: Secrets of Zudrugund
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Corunir
Starts at Zudrugund
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [65.6S, 8.5W]
Ends with Candaith
Ends at Nan Laeglin
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.4S, 16.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I do not like this, <name>. How has Nár come to know of our potential road? That Elrond advised his sons to remember the Paths of the Dead, for we may have need to walk them, was known to but a few and all of them trustworthy.

'Something is not right about this. It will not be long before we must set out again, but in the time before we do we must learn what we can about Nár's recent activities. There may be some clue in them to reveal the source of his knowledge concerning our errand.

'Speak to Frithgeir about Nár. He proved helpful in returning his friend to clarity, short-lived though it was, and may help us again.'


A serious complication has arisen in regard to the quest of the Grey Company: how does the dwarf Nár have knowledge of its potential road?

Objective 1

Frithgeir is in the library at Zudrugund.

Corunir has asked you to speak with Frithgeir about Nár, in hopes that he can reveal the source of his friend's unexpected knowledge of the Grey Company's possible road.

Corunir: 'You will find Frithgeir somewhere within the library here at Zudrugund. Speak to him about Nár; it may be he will reveal the source of his friend's strange knowledge of the paths Elrond bade us keep in mind.'
Frithgeir: 'Yes? I am sorry he upset you. Nár means no harm.'
Frithgeir listens as you recount Corunir's request to know of Nár's recent activities. His brow creases in thought, and he is silent a moment. When he speaks again, his words come out slowly, as if he is unsure they will be of help.
'A few days before Wadu the Dunlending came to Zudrugund, I noticed Nár spending a great deal of time looking through some of the bookshelves for something. I though it odd, because he generally takes little interest in the books and records here, but he did not speak of it and I did not ask what drove his examination.
'I can tell you which section of shelves it was, but there are a lot of books to go through. I do not know if that will be of any assistance, but you are welcome to seek a common thread if it may be of help to you and your friends. Look at the shelves to the south-east of here around the illuminated statue.'

Objective 2

  • Search bookshelves in Zudrugund (0/3)

Frithgeir has pointed out bookshelves in Zudrugund where Nár has spent time recently, at the shelves south-east of Frithgeir, surrounding an illuminated statue.

You should investigate bookshelves where Nár has shown recent interest, hoping it will prove instructive.

Frithgeir: 'Nár spent an unusual amount of time at the bookshelves located south-east of here, the ones surrounding the illuminated statue.'
(The text of the books found is in the walkthrough above.)

Objective 3

Nár is somewhere within Zudrugund. You have searched the bookshelves pointed out to you by Frithgeir, but have learned little that seem relevant to Nár's mysterious knowledge of the Grey Company's intentions.

Corunir: 'Nothing you found among the bookshelves strikes me as being relevant to Nár's knowledge of our possible road, <name>. Ask the dwarf and see if he can illuminate any of this for us.'
Frithgeir: 'Did you find anything interesting? You can ask Nár about any of the things you saw, but he may not be able to tell you anything more than you already know.'
Nár: Nár nods in your direction, and a wide smile crosses his old face.
'You have brought the gem-stones? Good, good! These will do very nicely!'
He seems not to realize that you have brought no gem-stones. This is going about as well as you expected.
<name>: 'Were you reading about plant-lore?'
Nár: 'The first thing you need to remember, friend, is that the longer it cooks the tougher it will be. Let it taste the fire, but not for too long. Frithgeir! Frithgeir! Come tell Herluf what you said to me about the chops last night!
'I don't know where he is. Said they were the most tender he's tasted, and washed them right down. Would have had more, he would if I'd thought to keep the fire going!
'Herbs, you say? Yes, I seasoned them with a blend of herbs, just to taste. Frithgeir knows a fair bit about herbs and plants. Runs in his family, he says.'
<name>: 'Very interesting.'
<name>: 'I saw a letter from Hervin.'
Nár: 'Hervin? He's around here somewhere, I think. He was going to see off the waggons.
'Oh, there you are! All went well, I take it? Good, good. Pull over a chair and we will sing a song of days gone by.
'When I was a boy, I knew the sounds of stone... and the hammers in the depths did ring...'
<name>: 'Well.'
<name>: 'I saw a children's rhyme in the books.'
Nár: 'Ah, Kári Orc-hewer? That is one of Frithgeir's favourite stories! How did it go? Kári was a little dwarf, smaller than you or me...'
Nár smiles happily, lost in his memories. After a moment his brow creases.
'Everyone has gone away now, Fannar, Herluf, even Hervin has gone. Travellers sometimes come by and share a friendly word, but it has been awhile since the last.'
As quickly as the mood came upon him, it passes, like a swift storm-cloud.
'So we call him Kári Orc-hewer!'
<name>: 'That is the story.'

Objective 4

Corunir is in Zudrugund, the dwarf-hall in Thrór's Coomb.

You have spoken to Nar about what you found in the bookshelves you were pointed to by Frithgeir, but have learned little of use. You should report of your efforts to Corunir.

Nár: 'Ah, Fannar, it has been too long! Trade at Zigil-jabâl continues fine, I trust? Good, good, good.'
Frithgeir: 'Many days I cannot unravel my friend's words. Alas that this is one of those days! Perhaps your Ranger friend, Corunir, will know what to do.'
Corunir: 'Nár's words remain as cloudy as ever. It was worth trying, <name>, though it has not borne fruit.
'You should go to Candaith at the campsite of the Grey Company in a grove of trees east of the Uch-luth village of Lhanuch, and tell him we are not closer to learning why Nár spoke of the Paths of the Dead. Candaith is a master of lore and may have thought of something.'

Objective 5

Candaith is at a campsite of the Grey Company in a grove of trees east of the Dunlending village of Lhanuch, in Nan Laeglin.

Corunir: 'Candaith may have thought of something. I hope so, for I am out of ideas! Look for him at a campsite of the Grey Company in a grove of trees east of Lhanuch, in Nan Laeglin.'
Candaith: 'You have spoken with the dwarf Nár again, to no avail? I see. Will he not tell us how he knows of the words of Elrond? Will he not tell us how he knows of the Paths of the Dead? It seems this mystery must remain unsolved for a time yet.'
Candaith sighs, thinking.
'Do you know the story of the Oath-breakers and the Paths of the Dead? Perhaps a recounting of that tale is in order, and you will be more familiar with the puzzle set before us.
'Do you wish to hear it?'