Quest:Caught in a Vice

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Caught in a Vice
Level 74
Type Solo
Starts with Garward
Starts at Grimbold's Camp
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Map Ref [87.8S, 3.9W]
Ends with Daervunn
Ends at Grimbold's Camp
End Region Gap of Rohan
Map Ref [87.6S, 3.7W]
Quest Group Gap of Rohan: Heathfells
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You say that you need some ale for a friend of yours? Ha! But you did us a great favour, so I am more than happy to indulge you.

'Here you go. You and your 'friend' can drink to your health.'


Grimbold has come up with a plan to deal with two problems at once: a treacherous warrior and an imprisoned Ranger. The man he believes to be a lackey of Isengard volunteered to guard the Ranger and might have his fondness for strong drink exploited.

Objective 1

  • Place the ale in the guard's post when the shift changes

Daervunn the Ranger is detained at the Ford of Isen.

When the current guard leaves, put the ale someplace where Arbald is likely to stumble upon it.

Rohirrim Footman says, "Well my mysterious friend, it seems the lazy high-born lout who's supposed to relieve me is late as always."
Rohirrim Footman says, "I don't suppose you'll be going anywhere for the minute or two it'll take to kick him out of his sack."
Rohirrim Footman says, "Get up fool, it's your shift."

Objective 2

  • Release Daervunn when Arbald falls asleep. Be careful not to let him see you

Daervunn the Ranger is detained at the Ford of Isen.

You should wait until Arbald drinks himself into a stupour, then cut the imprisoned Ranger loose, but be careful not to let the guard spot you.

Daervunn says, "What are you doing over there? Aren't you going to cut me loose?"
Daervunn says, "Well whatever your plan is you'd better get out of sight, I see a guard coming up the hill."
Arbald says, "So, you fools thought to smear the name of Saruman, eh?"
Arbald says, "Bah. You skulking woodsmen are no better than these Dunlending barbarians."
Arbald says, "Soon the alliance between my house and Isengard will ensure our fortune."
Arbald says, "You, on the other hand, will be enjoying a cell in Edoras until such time as we decide your fate."
Arbald says, "Eh? What's this?"
Arbald says, "Oho! It seems the fates do indeed smile upon me today!"
Arbald says, "Not only do I have the pleasure of seeing this fool of a ranger squirm..."
Arbald says, "... but it seems that my fellow guard has forgotten his ale on watch."
Arbald says, "Bottom's up!"
Arbald says, "Ahhh. That's better..."
Arbald says, "Where was I? Oh yes, the high and mighty Men of the Western Isle! Kings of Old!"
Arbald says, "You don't look like much now, do you!?"
Arbald says, "Soon Saruman shall be lord of these lands, and my family will rule by his side from the seat of Edoras."
Arbald says, "No more begging for scraps from the table of Théoden."
Arbald says, "ZZZzzz...."
Arbald says, "ZZZzzz...."
Daervunn says, "The fool is asleep! Quickly, untie me!"
Daervunn: 'I see now. A clever plan, indeed! This way, Grimbold frees me and gains the excuse he needs to deal with a likely traitor in their midst.
'Well, as much as I would like to hear news from my kinsmen, I think I had best be going now.'
Daervunn says, "I've no doubt Grimbold will deal with the fine Eorl here - but you'd best not be seen with me."
Daervunn says, "Farewell <name> - till we meet again!"