Quest:Breaking the Oath-taker’s Horn

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Breaking the Oath-taker’s Horn
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Gimli
Starts at Outside Lûghash
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [45.1S, 16.3E]
Ends with Gimli
Ends at Zôreth Chamber
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Our hand is forced, <name>. [Dwarf: We are proud dwarves, my friend, and such treachery cannot go unanswered!] [non-Dwarf: The Dwarves of Mordor have been turned against themselves! Váskmun's treachery cannot go unanswered!]

'We must stop the Firehorns from seeking the dwarf-ring. No matter their supposed might, some family heirlooms are best forgotten, I think. It is not unlike the axe of mithril, Zigilburk, of which you once spoke. If the search does not bring them to ruin, finding it will not change their fortunes! If the Men of Mordor still desire the Ring, they shall not rest until it is recovered - whether it is by their own hands or taken from those foolish enough to wield it in Mordor. No matter where he leads them, Váskmun is putting his folk into great danger. The fool would lead his people into the fires of Mount Doom if he thought the dwarf-ring might be hidden there!

'These Firehorns are even worse than the Dourhands we encountered in our adventures, my friend. At least I knew where I stood with the Dourhands! Perhaps Legolas was right after all....

'It is decided then! For the good of the Dwarves of Mordor, we must storm the Oath-taker's Horn!'


At the command of King Greytooth, the Stout-axes have retaken their ancestral name: the Firehorns. In a mad fervour, they now make ready to set out in search of the lost dwarf-ring Manthríf.

Objective 1

  • Aid Spakorth in learning the fates of his brethren in the Oath-taker's Horn
  • Aid Gimli in freeing the Stourt-axes who refuse to follow King Greytooth
  • Aide Gimli in hindering the Firehorn smiths

Gimli and Spakorth can be found along the causeway outside the Oath-taker's Horn in Dor Amarth.

Gimli and Spakorth have asked you to aid them in hindering the Firehorns in their quest to recover the lost dwarf-ring Manthríf.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gimli in the Oath-taker's Horn

Gimli might be found in the heights of the Oath-taker's Horn.

You have done much to hinder the Stout-axes loyal to King Greytooth and aid those who have defied him. You should now seek Gimli in the Oath-taker's Horn.

Gimli: 'It was no easy task, but I have brought Spakorth hither unharmed! Where is Váskmun?'
You tell Gimli and Spakorth that Váskmun has led an army of Firehorns onto the plains of Dor Amarth. Gimli lets out an indignant snort, and Spakorth falls silent.
'Bah! We came all this way to stop his quest, and we haven't stopped a thing!'