Quest:Breaching the Hornburg

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Breaching the Hornburg
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Landscape
Starts at The Deeping Wall
Start Region Westfold
Quest Group The Deeping Wall
Quest Text


The enemy plans to breach the Hornburg through a gatehouse being used as a makeshift infirmary for the wounded. The wounded men and the supplies of bandages and medicines are in danger, but the door to the Hornburg must be protected at all costs. The wounded will cry out when they begin to succumb to injuries, but you may instruct them in healing.


  • Defeat the waves of attackers attacking the gatehouse (0/6)
  • Do not allow the door to the Hornburg to be destroyed

A gatehouse between the Wall and the Hornburg has been converted into a makeshift ward used to treat wounded soldiers. The final doorway leading to the Hornburg has been sealed, but the enemy seeks to breech [sic] the opening while slaughtering the wounded in the gatehouse along the way. This rearmost door must be defended at all costs.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Full Merit Rating.

  • Major Merit Loss
    • Door takes structural damage
    • Wounded Rohirrim is defeated
  • Moderate Merit Loss
    • Crate of bandages and supplies destroyed