Quest:Beasts at the Doors

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Beasts at the Doors
Level 71
Type Solo
Starts with Sabert
Starts at Stangard
Start Region Stangard
Ends with Gadda
Ends at Stangard
End Region Stangard
Map Ref [26.3S, 63.9W]
Quest Group Eorlsmead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It has been months since anyone has been posted on any of the watchtowers, <name>. Men go out to hunt or gather to bolster our stores, and too many die on the way because they do not know what faces them.

'It would be a great help to us if you could just climb the watchtowers and look at what roams Eorlsmead and the Wailing Hills.'


The watch-duties have not been performed in many long months in Stangard, and Sabert is unable to leave his post at the gate.

Objective 1

  • Perform watchtower duty (0/3)

Watchtowers have been built around the perimeter of Stangard.

You should climb the perimeter watchtowers and look out at the Wailing Hills and Eorlsmead.

Sabert: 'You can enter the watchtowers through the doors and look out once you reach to top. Only the perimeter towers will have good vantage points.'
This is a good vantage point
Perform the look emote
You see nothing noteworthy from this vantage point
In the Wailing Hills you see Orcs and more Orcs, roaming the lands as if they own them
Too near Stangard, you see a den of vile, slavering dogs preying upon the lands
Far in the distance, you note rocky channels swarming with vile worms

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gadda about the dangers you saw

Gadda can be found near the Mead Hall in Stangard.

You should report what you saw to Gadda.

Gadda: 'You must be jesting, <name>. You did watch-duty? No one has done watch-duty since Sithric came here. Please, tell me what you saw from the towers.'
Gadda listens gravely as you tell him what you saw from your high vantage point.
'Orcs to our west, worms and wicked beasts to our east, and a haunted wood to the north. Things have worsened for us since the patrols lessened. Now there is no hope for us getting food from Eorlsmead without losing many men to the predators that roam the river-lands.'