Quest:Baggins' Birthday - Robin Smallburrow's Story

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Baggins' Birthday - Robin Smallburrow's Story
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Shirriff Robin Smallburrow
Starts at The Ivy Bush
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.4S, 71.1W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'What’s that you’re asking about now? Old Mr. Bilbo you say? Why certainly I know what happened at his birthday party!

'Listen up and I'll tell you the true facts of the matter.'


Ted Sandyman has agreed to share a story about Bilbo Baggins and his adventures.

Objective 1

Listen to Shirriff Robin Smallburrow's story.

Robin Smallburrow: 'Bilbo Baggins was something of an eccentric around these parts. His adventures created enough stories that you can still hear new ones every day! Why, I was just recently talking to my niece's cousin's sister-in-law's nephew the other day and he said that he knew what really happened at that funny birthday party!
'All the folks in these parts attended it, but what with the food and the drink and the dancing and all the youngsters underfoot, only a few folks really witnessed the actual disappearing act!
'My niece's sister's cousins... aw you get the picture, the lad I was talking with, he says that he saw that Wizard Gandalf pop old Mr. Bilbo into a giant sack! Just visible through the fog he said, and Mr. Bilbo squirming and wriggling like anything! Then they just vanished into thin air!
'Goodness knows what happened to the poor man after that, but honestly! With the stories folks tell about his adventures and associates and goings on, what other end can a hobbit expect than a sticky one?'