Quest:Baggins' Birthday - Hal Hornblower's Story

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Baggins' Birthday - Hal Hornblower's Story
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Hal Hornblower
Starts at Hobbiton
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.5S, 71.2W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Chain Baggins' Birthday
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Bilbo, eh? Now, folks will tell you any nonsense about what happened to Bilbo at his birthday party, but what’s the fun in that? It was all smoke and mirrors anyway, if you ask me.

'The real story is in what happened after! Which, as it happens, I know all about.'


Hal Hornblower has agreed to share a story about Bilbo Baggins and his adventures.

Objective 1

Listen to Hal Hornblower's story.

Hal Hornblower: 'Now, I keep my ears to the ground I do, and I can tell you with complete confidence that Bilbo went on back to the Elves! He always told such stories about them the likes of which you wouldn't believe.
'They say that an Elf Queen has been teaching him to grow the biggest taters a person could ever hope to see. Leave it to Bilbo to go all the way off to the Elves to gain knowledge just so he can steal the first prize ribbon from Farmer Maggot at one of these Farmers Faires!
'Some folks would just try harder in their own garden plot, but Bilbo just couldn't never do anything the easy way when he could have an adventure instead. I imagine he'll be back any day to wipe that smug smirk off of Farmer Maggot and break his sixty-year winning streak.'