Quest:Baggins' Birthday - Frodo's Request

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Baggins' Birthday - Frodo's Request
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Frodo
Starts at Bilbo's Room
Start Region Trollshaws
Ends with Gaffer Gamgee
Ends at Hobbiton-Bywater
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [30.2S, 71.5W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

<name>, I'm glad you're here. I am in need of an adventurer such as yourself to help with a birthday surprise for my uncle Bilbo.

'When Bilbo decided to resettle in Rivendell, he did it in typical fashion as you may have heard - with a bang and a flash, disappearing right during his own birthday party!

'In that moment, Bilbo instantly became the subject of many a tall tale, and increasingly exaggerated legend. I know he’d be amused to no end to hear these stores, but I myself can’t go collect them. The next time you’re in the Shire, could you do this for me?

'Were I you, I’d start at the Gaffer. He hears most everything worth hearing and he will surely know who you should talk to in order to obtain the very best tales.'


Frodo Baggins requests that you travel to the Shire to collect the stories hobbits are telling about his uncle Bilbo's mysterious disappearance and current whereabouts and adventures.

Objective 1

Gaffer Gamgee is located just south of the party tree and north-west of the Bywater Bridge.

Frodo has asked that you collect the stories being told by the hobbits of the Shire about his uncle Bilbo. He's suggested that you speak to Gaffer Gamgee to learn which hobbits have the best stories to tell.

Gaffer Gamgee: 'Why hello! Frodo's sent you to talk to me then? What's that young fry up to now?'