Quest:Baggins' Birthday - Bilbo's Present

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Baggins' Birthday - Bilbo's Present
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Gaffer Gamgee
Starts at Hobbiton-Bywater
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [30.2S, 71.5W]
Ends with Bilbo Baggins
Ends at The Last Homely House
End Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I imagine those stories have someone waiting for them! Off you go now.'


Tell the stories you've collected to Bilbo Baggins for his amusement.

Objective 1

Tell Bilbo about Frodo's request.

Bilbo Baggins: 'Why hello <name>! Many salutations I'm sure. And what has brought you here to me on this fine day?'

Objective 2

  • Tell Bilbo the stories you've collected

Tell Bilbo the stories you collected.

Bilbo Baggins: 'Stories? From the Shire? And all of them about me? I can't wait to hear them! Please tell me your tales.'

Objective 3

  • Wait for Bilbo's reaction to your stories

Bilbo will react with two quotes, one from the first group and one from the second:

Group 1

Bilbo Baggins says, "Hah! A series of secret dwarf-tunnels below Bag End! Delightful, and not far off from the truth of the mysterious burrow I left there. Have folks found that yet?"
Bilbo Baggins says, "I got shipped off down the river in a barrel, did I? No mystery where the origins of that story came from. Can't say I would relish having to do that again!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "Lady Galadriel is teaching me the techniques to growing the biggest tater the Shire has ever seen? I suspect she's got more pressing issues occupying her time, but it might not hurt to ask!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "Oh ho! Lovely! Soaring off through the sky with sparks streaming behind. Delightfuly imaginative indeed!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "Poor Holly and her pies! She wouldn't appreciate having such aspersions spread around as to their quality. I bet I can guess who's been spreading that rumour around!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "So Gandalf popped me in a sack and carried me off, did he? I'll be sure to share that one with him later, he'll enjoy it to no end."

Group 2

Bilbo Baggins says, "and hah! Part of the Riders of Roger, in the Company of Theon? Bless my boots, yes, that sounds like a fine retirement indeed."
Bilbo Baggins says, "and if that weren't enough, now I'm fighting evil in a mask and cape, roaming the Shire at night? Oh my, what will they come up with next?"
Bilbo Baggins says, "and oh deary me, I'm not sure I can find that sweet child a real dragon, but perhaps I can send her back a plush one in secret. Charming, simply charming."
Bilbo Baggins says, "and that's to be followed by a one act play, Where There's Smaug, There's Fire? I may just have to put my pen to paper in honour of such a fine rumour."
Bilbo Baggins says, "and then myself! The first hobbit Lore-master, travelling with Radagast himself! A terribly flattering story indeed, I must encourage the re-telling of that one!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "And then to have that followed with me! In a fake beard! Living with the dwarves and stealing their scraps? Oh, oh my gracious and goodness."
  • Speak to Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo is delighted with your stories and would like to reward you for your time.

Bilbo Baggins: 'Oh, oh dear! Oh my! They are even better than I thought! The imagination of hobbits truly knows no bounds. The Lonely Mountain? Holly Hornblowers' pies? A caped crusader even?! Oh gracious and goodness me.
'You have made this old hobbit very happy, and brought me belly laughs such as I have not known for a while. Elves, for all their charms, have a more esoteric form of humour. I've missed the stories hobbits tell!
'Take this with my thanks. Clearly you have a knack for recording and telling tales. I hope you keep that up during your adventures, as I sense you will have a great many stories to tell!'