Quest:At the Mistress's Bidding

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At the Mistress's Bidding
Level 108
Type Solo
Starts with Spakorth
Starts at Blozronk
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [47.8S, 13.7E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Once the Stout-axes were a great kingdom of dwarves, but over many long years, our fate diminished and we became slaves and servants to the powers of Mordor. Early in this Age, Sauron reclaimed the Ring given to our folk when still we dwelt in the East. He sought for it some use on the Men of far-off lands, and He would not hear the protests of our King of old. Even deprived of its power and of the symbol of our House, Sauron considered us His allies, and He welcomed us in Mordor. Ah, had it been but that!

'When He came to us next, the Stout-axes were unmade. Seventy-eight years ago, Sauron returned to Mordor in a rage and all the favour we had earned was cast aside. He destroyed our kingdom and took our King to the dungeons of the Dark Tower. We had a home no longer, and so we lived only at the mercy of the Men of Mordor.

'Now Sauron is gone, but still we serve - lowly as we are now in the eyes of all in Mordor. None but the Mistress of Lûghash, Zôreth, would have us, and so now we serve her. She desires the weapons and trinkets of the Dark Lord above all else, but what portion of His might remains in them I cannot say. We have sought them since His fall, but every search has come to naught.

'Days we have searched now, and with little food or rest. It is time for my kin to return to Lûghash, even if Mistress Zôreth does not wish it.

'There are four other expeditions about in this land, <name>. Find them, and send them home to Lûghash!

'If you wish to meet my folk, you shall meet us all!'


Zôreth, Mistress of Lûghash, has sent the Stout-axes in her service to seek treasures that once belonged to the Dark Lord.

Objective 1

  • Recall Stout-axe expeditions to Lûghash (0/4)

Stout-axe expeditions can be found throughout Dor Amarth.

Spakorth has asked you to seek the remaining Stout-axe expeditions in Dor Amarth. You should tell any Stout-axes you encounter to return to Lûghash.

The Stout-axes make for Lûghash!
Stout-axe Searcher says, We haven't found anything anyway...
Scattered equipment lines the edge of this chasm. These Stout-axes met an unfortunate fate...
Stout-axe Searcher says, At last! Mistress Zôreth is giving us a break!

Objective 2

  • Talk to Spakorth at Lûghash

Spakorth can be found outside the lower gates to Lûghash in Dor Amarth.

You have recalled all the Stout-axes you could find. You should meet with Spakorth outside Lûghash.

'I am saddened to learn that some of my fok fell into the fires of the mountain. It seems even keeping a careful pas is no longer enough...
'The tremors have grown more powerful since Sauron's fall, and new cracks for in the earth with each passing day. It is challanging to keep a steady footing when you cannot trust that the ground shall remain whole beneath you! We shall have to be more careful the next time the Mistress sends us out in search of whatever it is we're meant to find.
'For those that have returned, they shall enjoy a long-awaited rest. You have done my folk a great service, <name>.'