Quest:An Unexpected Connection

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An Unexpected Connection
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Accursed Shade
Starts at Ondoher's Folly
Start Region The Wastes
Ends with Artamir
Ends at Tham Durlan
End Region The Wastes
Map Ref [33.3S, 7.9W]
Quest Chain The Wastes: Dagorlad
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

His words still fresh in your memory, the shade floats silently before you.

The shade wailed the name Artamir, and spoke as if Artamir were his brother. Without pausing to consider the absurdity of what you are about to speak, you tell the shade that a man named Artamir is among your company in the ruins to the south.

A puzzled expression washes over the shade's face, and his gaze swiftly shifts to meet your own. However, before speaking a word, he vanishes.


As the shade wanders Ondoher's Folly, it wails names that seem both familiar and unknown all at once.

Objective 1

Artamir can be found at Tham Durlan in south-western Dagorlad.

You have had a strange encounter with a shade of Gondor and should now tell Artamir about what you have seen and heard.

Artamir: 'You say a spirt of some kind knew my name, <name>? That he called out for an Artamir?
'I have had quite enough dealing with spirits for my liking, I'll have you know. There must be some mistake...
'You see, it is common in Gondor to honor our ancestors by bestowing their names upon our children, and even within Minas Tirith, I know no fewer than two others bearing my name. If I am recalling correctly, I even once told you of old King Ondoher's son named Artamir.
'No,no. That man cannot be me, my friend. How long has this spirit lingered in the Wastes? How many have fallen since he ment his own end?
Artamir begins to trail off as a loo of horror appears on his face.
'D-do not move, <name>!'
The accursed warrior has appeared beside Artamir and stares intently at the lore-master

Objective 2

The accursed warrior has appeared at Tham Durlan in Dagorlad.

You have told Artamir of the strange connexion between him and the accursed warrior, and now the shade has appeared at his side. You should try to uncover the shade's purpose in coming to Tham Durlan.

The shade stares at you, but remains silent.
After a moment, he turns to Artamir and begins to speak.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Artamir

Artamir can be found at Tham Durlan in Dagorlad.

The accursed warrior has not spoken to you since his arrival, but offered Artamir a grim warning. You should talk with Artamir about what is to be done.

Accursed Warrior says, "Beware the shadows on Dol Acharn!"
Accursed Warrior says, "The Wainriders come again to claim their vengeance on Gondor!"
Artamir: 'Wainriders? They have not been a threat to Gondor, much less seen at all, for hundreds of years now. Perhaps this spirit has mistaken the Easterlings for their old ancestors, else I cannot say. To have silently watchef for so long, it is possible he has los his understanding of the passing of peoples and cratures of these lands.'
Artamir's facce still betrays his fear, but you sense a renewed resolve rising within him.
'Fate and chance drove me to the Dead Marshes, and now they have guided me thus. I... I shall resist them no longer. I may not be the man this spirit seeks, but his knowledge of these lands and our enemies may be turned to our benefit. i... I believe I know this spirits identity, my firend, but more questions still linger... and answers seem unlikely unless he and I speak alone.