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Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Legolas
Starts at Ruins of Dingarth
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [44.6S, 21.8E]
Ends with Hithgol
Ends at Ruins of Dingarth
End Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [48.1S, 8.7]
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You spoke to one of these devoted of the Order, yes? Perhaps we should find out why they are pursuing this mighty spear of the Elves.

'We must not let Aiglos fall into their hands. None but Gil-galad would be worthy to hold the spear.

'It is said that Aiglos an be touched by few, for the spear's power is great.'


Hithgol asks for you and Legolas to assess if Aiglos is at all retrievable in its current location.

Objective 1

  • Confront the wounded devoted

The wounded devoted can be found near Aiglos.

You should confront the wounded devoted from the Order of the Eye.

Wounded devoted: You confront the devoted member of the Order of the Eye and ask him why they seek the spear.
'I will only say this once.
'You know not the story? Indeed you are a fool, but I shall enlighten thee.
'In Sauron's great trickery, and Elf bearing this mighty spear fell into the Dark Lord's Trap. The Elf perished, releasing the spear from his grasp. Many thought the spear lost, but it was not, for the Dark Lord knew of it. When his strength returned, Sauron retrieved the spear and kept it high in his tower as a remembrance to all who dare defy his rule.
'Rabôkhor, the leader of our sect, shall soon scale the spire and hold the spear in his hands.'
You decide you must find this Rabôkhor and show the Order of the Eye that the spear can never be wielded by them.

Objective 2

  • Find and defeat Rabôkhor
  • Collect a corrupted trinket

Rabôkhor, high priest of the Order of the Eye, can be found in Dor Amarth.

You should find and defeat Rabôkhor.

Your mighty blow defeated Rabôkhor.
You have acquired: Corrupted Trinket.
CORRUPTED TRINKET "An idol of sorts used in ceremonies by the Order of the Eye when worshipping Sauron."

Objective 3

  • Bring the corrupted idol near Aiglos

Aiglos can be found in Dor Amarth.

You should bring the corrupted idol you found to Aiglos.

The idol disintegrates in your hands as you hold it up to the glow of Aiglos

Objective 4

  • Confront the wounded devoted

The wounded devoted can be found near Aiglos.

You should confront the wounded devoted from the Order of the Eye.

Devoted: 'It cannot be. You held the sacred idol of our sect up to the spear and now it is gone! Why would Sauron keep such an object of destruction when we could never use it?'
You tell the devoted member of the Order to share what he has seen today.
'No more shall we worship such a horrid object. I feel sickened being near it! If only I had the strength to slay you, <race>!'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Lagolas

Legolas can be found near Aiglos in Dor Amarth.

You should speak with Legolas.

Legolas: '<name>, I am not sure if we should scale the spire either. I have been thinking about it and would like to speak with Hithgol.
'Let us return to him and hear his thoughts on the matter.
'I know: we have come all this way, but you must trust me, as I have trusted you many times.
'Now let us depart.'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Hithgol

Hithgol can be found at the Ruins of Dingarth.

You should talk to Hithgol.

Hithgol: 'Legolas has spoken to me and explained why we must not retrieve the spear of Aiglos from atop the spire it rests upon in Dor Amarth.
'Though it pains me, not to remove the sacred weapon of the Elves from Mordor, I must agree with him.
'Aiglos has given hope to those Elves and others in this company. The spear has become a beacon in Mordor, a banner planted, to show all those that the time of darkness in Mordor is at a close.
'The light of Aiglos will show the way for us and strike fear in those who believe they lay claim to the plains of Gorgoroth.
'Perhaps one day we will be able to construct a monument to Gil-galad and to all Elves who fought valiantly against Sauron, here in Dor Amarth, where Aiglos lies.'