Quest:A Tour of Bree

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A Tour of Bree
Level 14
Type Solo
Starts with Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch
Starts at Bree-town Hall
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [31.1S, 51.2W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain Welcome to Bree-town
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now then, Bree is a fairly large town, and there are many places to visit and people to meet. I would like to help you with this and have asked many of the townsfolk to bid you good welcome when you speak with them. This town needs as many allies as it can find in these dark times.

'Your first step will be to the north, just beyond the Trader's Gate to the Three-farrow Crafting Hall. Enter the building and speak with Bonny Thatcher.'


Bree's mayor, Graeme Tenderlarch, thought you might like to get acquainted with the town proper. He has sent you out into the square to begin your journey through the streets to tour the town.

Objective 1

The Three-farrow Crafting-hall lies to the north of the Bree Town Hall, through the Trader's Gate.

Graeme Tenderlarch has bid you enter the Three-farrow Crafting-hall and speak with Bonny Thatcher.

Graeme Tenderlarch: 'The Three-farrow Crafting-hall is west and north of the Bree Town Hall. Seek Bonny Hatcher there, she will explain to you about the crafting hall of Bree.'
Bonny Thatcher: 'Look here! Another new face in Bree-town, and not one of those swarthy Southerners, but a right honest Man. This is heartening to see.
'Graeme told me that there may be folk stopping in as they learned about the more important areas of Bree. Well, here it is…the crafting-hall of Bree. We have all manner of crafters here at Three-farrow. You can feel free to ply any trade you know within this hall.
'I was told to send you on toward on of Bree's most precious pieces of art, the Boar Fountain, to speak with Second-watcher Heathstraw for a bit of history. You will find him just up the hill to the north at the Boar Fountain in Market Square.'

Objective 2

The Boar Fountain lies a little to the north of the Three-farrow Crafting-hall.

Bonny Thatcher told you to speak with Second-watcher Heathstraw at the Boar Fountain in the Market Square.

Bonny Thatcher: 'Seek out Second-watcher Heathstraw just up the road near the Boar Fountain. I am certain that he will have some interesting information about Bree-town.'
Second-watcher Heathstraw: 'Well, well! It is good to see you again. I assume that you are on your tour of Bree and looking for some information about the town. Well, I am not the historian that certain folks are, but I do know a bit about the town and the reason that the boar plays such a big part in the decoration of the town.
'When Bree was settled, the area was prime hunting-ground for wild boar. The beasts served as the primary source of meat for the first settlers and have become something of a symbol of tenacity. The Boar Fountain was built to honour the first folk who settled Bree and used the wild boars surrounding the township as provender.
'Time for you to meet one of our more notable folks, Barliman Butterbur. Butterbur owns the most successful inn in all of Bree. You will find him north along the road beyond the Market Gate within the Prancing Pony Inn.'

Objective 3

The Prancing Pony Inn is north of the Market Square.

Second-watcher Heathstraw has instructed you to speak with Barliman Butterbur, proprietor of The Prancing Pony Inn.

Second-watcher Heathstraw: 'Barliman Butterbur is one of Bree's most noteworthy residents and you will find that his establishment is both well-run and oft busy. Seek him to the north at the Prancing Pony.'
Barliman Butterbur: 'Well, well, we've been getting a mighty large number of travellers coming into Bree. You don't have the look of one of those Southerners, though….
'I am Barliman Butterbur, and this is the Prancing Pony, finest inn in all of Bree-land. You can feel free to drink here and stay here, if You've the coin. Now I'm forgetting something…it's like that, so busy and all. Oh yes! I am to send you on your next stop upon you tour of Bree.
'Leave my inn and head down the hill west beyond the Iron Gate. A short distance from there you will see the road split. Turn north and visit Lily Sandheaver at the first house there.'

Objective 4

Lily Sandheaver's home is west of The Prancing Pony Inn.

Barliman Butterbur told you to speak with Lily Sandheaver at her home.

Barliman Butterbur: 'Miss Sandheaver's home is just down the hill to the west. She lives in the first home on the road that stretches north.'
Lily Sandheaver: 'Hullo, friend! You must be new to Bree and on an errand from the Mayor Tenderlarch! It is good to make your acquaintance. I am Lily Sandheaver…I handle all the good grown by the hobbits living on the hill.
'I also like collecting historical herilooms, which reminds me that my hireling hasn't yet sent me anything…I hope all is well.
'Oh, I am to send you to visit the West-gate to speak with Harry Goatleaf. Just head west towards the gate and you should see Harry there. You may want o speak to Bill Rosewood too…he minds the horses of Bree.'

Objective 5

Harry Goatleaf can be found at the West-gate, west of Lily Sandheaver's home.

Lily Sandheaver told you to speak with Harry Goatleaf.

Lily Sandheaver: 'Harry Goatleaf is just down the road west toward the gate. He's a rather ornery man ifyou ask me, but he surely has something to share.'
Harry Goatleaf: 'What do you want? Tenderlarch is a fool, thinking that any of us want to take our time to speak with people who'll be in Bree causing no end of trouble. He should focus on affairs that he can truly handle.
'Get out of my sight. Talk to Watchman Cardoon if you want more help. He's right down the road to the east.'

Objective 6

Watchman Cardoon is east of the West-gate of Bree.

Harry Goatleaf told you to speak with Watchman Cardoon.

Harry Goatleaf: 'I told you, I have nothing to say to you. You want to know something more of this town, talk to the watcher back towards the east. Cardoon is his name.'
Watchman Cardoon: 'Greetings, <name>. Goatleaf sent you here? He's been acting queerer and queerer recently.
'No matter of concern, I am certain. You should visit the vault next. You will find it down the road to the south. It is a large, stone building with two guardsman keeping watch.
'Enter the vault and speak with either Tad Gardener or Maud Foxglove.'

Objective 7


The vault is found to the south of Watcher Cardoon. He told you to follow the road and look for the large, stone building protected by tow guards.

Watcher Cardoon instructed you to speak with Tad Gardener of Maud Foxglove at the vault.

Watchman Cardoon: 'You wil lfind the vaults to the south of here, just beyond the guards in the old stone buildings there.'
Ted Gardener/Maud Foxglove: 'Welcome to the Bree Vaults. We charge nothing to store many of your goods, and for a small but increasing fee, we will store even more.
'We have protection from the town guard at all hours of the day, so you can be certain that your valuables are safe here.
'Feel free to look around out front before heading across the way to Whitethorn's Taxidermy.'

Objective 8

You will find Whitethorn's Taxidermy across the road from the Bree-town Vault.

You were told to speak with Clar Whitethorn at Whitethorn's Taxidermy.

Ted Gardener/Maud Foxglove: 'You will find the taxidermist across the road.'
Clar Whitethorn: 'Hullo, friend, welcome to Whitethorn's Taxidermy. My son and I, along with Mr. Whitbread, can fashion wonderous trophies from the unique finds you come across in your adventures. You can display these wonders within your homes if you choose.
'Have a look if you like, and when you are ready, take the road outside my home to the south-east beyond the Iron Monger's Gate to the Stone Quarter. Turn east before the statue of the dwarf and follow the alley to the scholars. They are good fellow s and quite knowledgeable about Bree. Speak with Newbold Leafcutter in the Scholar's Stair.'

Objective 9

Make your way south out of Whitethorn's Taxidermy before you reach the statue of the dwarf turn left, to the east, and make your way to Scholar's Stair. Enter and speak with Newbold Leafcutter.

Clar Whitethorn directed you to speak with Newbold Leafcutter within the Scholar's Stair.

Clar Whitethorn: 'You will find the Scholar's Stair south-east under the arch and into the alley east before the dwarf-statue. Speak with Newbold. he is a good old fellow.'
Newbold Leafcutter: 'Much of the history of Bree and Bree-land is stored within these walls and within other safe places throughout the city. We are being more diligent than ever to keep safe the history of our land.
'Foul Men are lurking about all over town, and there is tell of shadows that leap out at folks in recent days.
'You should speak with mat Heathertoes. He and folk like him, those without much, are hardest hit by these ruffians. Turn left outside our door and head south-west beyond the dwarf-statue under the eaves to find him.'

Objective 10

Mat Heathertoes is found in Beggar's Alley, southwest from Scholar's Stair, then west under the Mud Gate from the Stone Quarter.

Newbold Leafcutter told you to speak with Mat Heathertoes next.

Newbold Leafcutter: 'Mat Heathertoes lives in the less savoury part of town to the east. The refugees from the south seem to be taking up there more often than anywhere else in Bree.'
Mat Heathertoes: 'Greetings, stranger. Not sure why Tenderlarch is having you visit us here in Beggar's Alley…all we have to offer is in the ruins to the north. Still, he paid me some coin to see that you met me and heard what I have to say about our little part of Bree.
'Most folks pay us no nevermind and don't hear us asking about the sound from the alleys at night: ghosts prowling about down by the South-gate and the terror that grips the lot of us.
'Most of the brigands have moved in here, pushing the few good folk who live here out. I wish Grimbriar had not run off. Heathstraw is a good fellow, but not as clever as the Chief Watcher.
'I am to send you to the Bree Jail for your next stop. Don't worry though…it's unlikely that they will arrest you. From here head east along the road until you pass the Bree Town Hall, then bear slightly south. You will see the stocks in front of the Jail. Speak with Lily Appledore inside.'

Objective 11

The Bree Jail can be found by following the road east through Bree past the Bree Town Hall, then bearing south.

Mat Heathertoes suggested you speak with Lily Appledore at the Bree Jail.

Mat Heathertoes: 'You'll find that most villains find their way to the jails. South and east beyond the Town Hall but before the wood gate.'
Lily Appledore: 'Welcome to Bree. Take a good look around you…these are the cells where those who mean ill to the people of Bree find themselves, <name>. It is also where we train future recruits for the Town Watch and guard.
'The difference between the two is subtle, but the Watch has more power to also roam the countryside to protect the many farms of Bree. Recent weeks and months has seen an increase in brigand activity, and the Watch is terribly strained. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
'On to your next visit, <name>. From the jail, head east under the Woodsmen's Gate, then turn south. Look for the bronze boar standing outside the Bree Auction Hall and enter. Speak with one of the auctioneers within.'

Objective 12

  • Talk to an auctioneer

The Bree Auction Hall lies east through the Woodsmen's Gate, then south.

Lily Appledore instructed you to speak with one of the auctioneers at the Auction Hall

Lily Appledore: 'Time for you to visit the other thieves in Bree, the auctioneers.
'You will find them beyond the Wood Gate.'
Any auctioner: 'This is the Bree Auction Hall. Here you can trade materials with other craftsmen and adventurers at a small cost, which helps support Bree-town.
'You can search through our ledgers to see items that people are currently offering. If you choose to list an item with us, we will hold it for an agreed upon amount of time and should the item sell, we will take a portion of those proceeds to pay for our services…the rest will be sent to you through the Post. If the items fail to find a trade, we will return the item to you and keep your deposits. The ins and outs of the auctions can be difficult to understand. The mayor will furnish you with a note explaining this when you are done with your tour.
'You should visit Tad Leafcutter next. You will find him at the end of the lane to the west.'

Objective 13

Tad Leafcutter is outside the hunting lodge, which can be found by following the road outside of the Bree Auction Hall west of its end.

You have been instructed to speak with Tad Leaftcutter.

Any auctioner: 'Speak with the leaders of the Men of Bree. Follow the road west outside of the auction hall.'
Tad Leafcutter: 'As a representative of the Men of Bree, I welcome you to our township. Beyond the doors behind me, you will find the Bree hunting-lodge. When you have earned enough respect among the Men of Bree, you can find your way within the halls to purchase items from the hunters.
'You should make your way back to Graeme Tenderlarch at Town Hall. Head east alone this road until you reach the East-gate, from there turn north-west and follow the road to Town Hall.'

Objective 14

Graeme Tenderlarch is at the Bree Town Hall, almost due north-west from the East-gate.

Tad Leafcutter told you to return to Graeme Tenderlarch.

Tad Leafcutter: 'Return to the Town Hall and speak with Graeme Tenderlarch.'
Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch: 'Well then, you have been to every corner of Bree and should be able to find your way around more easily now.
'With all the claims of ghosts near the South-gate, brigands running folks out of Beggar's Alley, and the flow of refugees from the South, Bree is bustling…and not in all ways good. The Southerners are a bit of trouble that has me most concerned. More so than ghost-stories from the South-gate; those stories have been about for years.
'I hope that you have arrived here as a boon of hope, <name>. Again, I welcome you to our fair town.'