Quest:No Time For Tours!

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No Time For Tours!
Level 14
Type Solo
Starts with Second-watcher Heathstraw or Parry Tuftweed or Watchman Cardoon or Tal Greenshoot
Starts at Market Square or South Gate or West Gate or Staddle Gate
Ends with Barliman Butterbur
Ends at The Prancing Pony
End Region Bree
Map Ref [29.6S, 51.2W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have the look of an adventurer about you, friend. If that be so, the people of Bree-land have need of your strength and your cunning, your wit and your wisdom!

'There was a time I would send you to the Mayor of Bree, the better for you to become acclimated to our town, but that time is past! Too many dangers press in upon us for you to spend your time chatting with the town officials. Too many villains threaten the good folk of Bree-land for you to tour the city! Already I have used up too much of your time in conversation, when you could be helping good people who need the assistance!

'If there is one man who knows everything that happens in Bree-land, that man is surely Barliman Butterbur, proprietor of the Prancing Pony. He hears all that goes on; the real test will be sifting through his speech for what needs doing first! But I am sure you will be up to the challenge. Find him inside the Pony, atop the hill on the northern side of Bree. He will tell you where you might start helping the people of Bree-land, and we will all be the better for your services!'


The town of Bree is under threat from many directions, and its people have need of adventurers to set things right!

Objective 1

The Prancing Pony is located on the northern side of the town of Bree, atop the hill upon which the town is situated.

A guard at the gate of Bree told you to speak with Barliman Butterbur, proprietor of the Prancing Pony, if you wanted to learn where you might go to help the folk of Bree-land.

Barliman Butterbur: 'Oh! Hello and welcome to the Prancing Pony, the pride of Bree-town and the surrounding lands! Are you here for news or for nutrition? We have both, and plenty to spare! You are an adventurer, unless I miss my mark, and that happens but rarely.
'So it is news, then? There is no shortage of that, I tell you truly, and most of it bad! Listen well, my new friend, and you will hear some of what ails us in Bree-land. Investigate some of these leads and you will find adventures wherever you go, and turn some of the bad news to good!
'My friend Adso Haybank is a hobbit, a good sort, and he dreams of building an inn upon the road west of Bree. No easy task, that; take it from one who knows! But I wish him well and have done what I can, and if you will see to him and lend him some assistance I will have done more! He has a camp on the road west of Bree-town, on the way to Buckland.
'Ah, Buckland! That reminds me, don't you know it, there is trouble afoot there as well. You know that Bree-town is home to both hobbits and Men, of course. Well, Buckland is home to hobbits only, but I would count them as neighbours as well, of course! It seems they have had some trouble with goings-on in the Old Forest. If you speak with Celandine Brandybuck, a sweet young lass who lives away in Buckland, you are certain to hear about that forest trouble. Everyone has their hands full, whether they be tall or small!
'Oh, did I ask you to speak with old Grimbriar yet? There is hustle and bustle a-plenty, and one thing drives out another, even if you are uncommonly sharp, like yours truly. Grimbriar is the Chief Watcher, and he maintains a post on the road north of Bree-town. I understand he has had some trouble with brigands of late. Go see him and help him with the outlaws, and you'd be doing Bree-land a service!
'That should be enough for starters, my friend! Now, if you'll excuse me, I should see to the needs of the host. Food and drink brings songs and compliments, and both bring further custom!'

Objective 2

Adso Haybank can be found at his camp on the road west of Bree-town, on the way to Buckland.
Celandine Brandybuck can be found in Buckland, west of Bree-town and across the river from the Shire.
Chief Watcher Grimbriar can be found at a cottage along the road north of Bree-town.

Adso Haybank: 'Yes, you are here to help? Oh, you are just in time. I need all the help I might find! I fear my dream of founding an inn at this spot is in danger of foundering, even before it has truly begun!'
Chief Watcher Grimbriar: 'I am short of officers, newcomer. If you are here to aid me in my fight against the outlaws in the Bree-fields I welcome you without reservation. My friend Lofar may have need for you as well.'
Celandine Brandybuck: 'Hello, hello! You have come all the way here from Barliman Butterbur? He is a sweet dear to think of us hobbits, so far away as he is! He must have heard about the troubling goings-on in the Old Forest, I imagine. If you are willing to help on that score, there will be plenty to do!'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Barliman Butterbur inside the Prancing Pony

The Prancing Pony is located on the northern side of the town of Bree, atop the hill upon which the town is situated.

Barliman Butterbur: 'You have returned, and with stories to tell, I imagine! I look forward to hearing them!
'I am a bit busy right now, I am sure you understand. If the Pony is to keep running, you know I must run right along with her! Ha ha ha!
'I am sure the folk of Bree-land are grateful for your help, friend! Your good name will be spreading even now, your reputation in these parts growing by the minute! You are welcome in Bree-land, and in the Pony, whenever you desire to visit! Good job and good day to you!'