Update 23 Patch 1 - Wednesday October 17, 2018

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Update 23 Patch 1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 23 Patch 1. Released October 17, 2018.

Of Special Note:

The Harvestmath Festival Returns!

The Curse of the Eerie Acres reaches its conclusion: speak to Bingo by the Party Tree to begin the new quest chain (and replay last year's quests if you would like to get caught up on the story). The enterprising hobbit Begonia Grubb is starting a new Harvestmath Festival tradition called Treats or Trickery! Look for her near the Haunted Burrow, in a housing neighborhood, or at the new festival location of Wistmead to learn more. There are also six additional quests to enjoy in Wistmead, as well as a new wheat maze and other activities! As always, new rewards are available, including a Black Cat pet, a new dress, a new Festival Mount, and more!

News and Notes:


  • Guardian
    • Hammer Down's cooldown is no longer affected by War-Chant.
    • Hammer Down was incorrectly granting a chance to reset Brutal Assault, and now no longer does.
    • Follow Through now correctly lists the number of targets for Tier 3 (7 targets).
    • The Heal benefit from Fighter of Shadow now works with Improved Mark. It's chance to happen has been increased to 50%, but now has a five second cooldown.
    • Reactive Parry Damage no longer incorrectly boosts Hammer Down damage. Hammer Down's base damage has been increased to compensate for the difference.
  • Hunters
    • Hunters can no longer stack multiple "no focus loss on movement" buffs to gain focus while moving.
    • Hunters can now change stances after being scaled down in Big Battles.
    • The Endurance stance now gives a flat +2% bonus to Parry and Evade.
  • The Minstrel four piece set bonus from Greater Trappings of the Vigilant Watcher now functions properly.


  • Tier 12 farming components have been added to the basic vendor.


  • Housing doormats can now be rotated.
  • Except for doormats, all exterior housing decorations now allow for a 10 meter offset from the hook's origin.
  • Exterior housing decorations can only be moved between the hook origin and player house, and cannot be moved into or away from the ground.
  • The housing decoration panel now has a Save button for saving position and rotation changes, and the close button now cancels pending changes.


  • Grey Mountains Instances have had their drop rates increased significantly for both favoured and standard chest openings on tier 2 difficulty.
  • Some bosses and other significant enemies have had their difficulty increased in the new Grey Mountains Instances.


  • The deeds and vendors for Erebor cluster gear no longer require cap level completion of the instances to complete the deeds and unlock the vendors. The minimum level is still 85, however.
  • The level advancing jewelry was using an old progression that caused their stats to be lower than intended. These items now have their proper progressions.
  • The Mark of the Longbeards cap has increased from 400 to 500.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing items to be looted at an incorrect item level.
  • Some incomparable (teal) jewelry found in the tier 2 difficulty Grey Mountains instances that were not able to be Disenchanted now can be. Note that rare (purple gear drops from the tier 1 difficulty Grey Mountains instances are not intended to be disenchanted.


  • At 116+ Sig and higher monsters are now getting their appropriate damage bonuses! Base damage as you approach 120 has been toned down a bit, so normals will hit a bit less hard, sigs and up will hit considerably harder. Watch your tanks carefully in instances...
  • Monster damage has been adjusted in the mid-levels for better balance. Keeping it on the gentle side but we may tweak it further as needed.
    • Monster damage has been increased from level 30 to 114.
    • Older monster damage progressions have been adjusted to fit the modern damage progression curve. Some more specialized abilities on monsters were using older progressions that made them too weak at various level bands. It is possible that some Monster Player ability have been impacted by these changes, and may need further adjustment in a future patch.
  • The number of Dangerous Boars in Chetwood has been increased.
  • The number of Neekers in Midgewater Marsh has been increased.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell
    • A new resource instance, 'Withered Heath: Weathering the Storm' is now available.
    • New daily Wanted Pebbles quests featured the Withered Heath resource instance, which offers some existing items in addition to a new Scrub-moss. Talk to Mózhek in Skarhald to learn more.
  • Farmer's Faire
    • Each Egg Scramble will stay active for twice the amount of time it previously did.
  • Harvestmath Festival
    • The A Bountiful Harvest series of quests now awards one thousand Figments of Splendour each.
  • The two Summer Festival race consolation prizes now operate on separate effects and cooldown timers, and no longer interfere with each other.
  • Time-locked raid chests now display completion information in addition to locks when they are created.
  • Adjustments have been made to some quests and landscape areas in Angmar.
  • The several rooms inside of Gath Forthnír are now contiguous with the rest of the quest hub. The doors into Lorniel's, Golodir's, and Laerdan's rooms are no longer teleport doors.
  • A number of Bree-land quests have been removed:
  • A new quest called No Time for Tours has been added to guide players to significant quest hubs in Bree-land. The new quest rewards 1200 Men of Bree reputation points upon completion.
  • Quest item drop rates in various quests in earlier zones has been adjusted. When defeating monsters during some quests, the drop rates of quest items should now be more forgiving.
  • The Oath-breakers: The North Downs fellowship quest The Oath-breakers has returned to the game. The level 25 quest bestows from Mincham in the North Downs after completing the North Downs quests Roused Guardians of Amon Amrûn and The Madman's Tale.
  • The Quest Guide will now more accurately display the position of Cole Sickleleaf during "Posco's Uncle".
  • Strider's and Gandalf's customary rooms int he Prancing Pony now have labelled doors.
  • The exit door of the Barad Tharsir Storeroom is now properly labelled.
  • Quest: Ered Mithrin - Good Graces - This quest can now be turned in to Fiskvat
  • Quest - Ered Mithrin - The Perilous Path - This quest will reset if it is currently underway. To pick up the quest again, talk to Agátur
  • Quest - Ered Mithril - Flame in the Mountain - If this quest has been declined, it can now be picked up again from a Slain Zhélruka near the path to Stormwall.
  • Quests - Iron Hills - A Perilous Drop - Grappling hooks now have shorter respawn timers and work correctly when respawned.
  • Glimmerdeep bosses should now properly reset.
  • Some cosmetic improvements have been made in The Shire.


  • The Social panel Group Staging Info tab has a new sub-panel that shows chest lock information.


  • Switching languages in the game launcher after initially starting an English download no longer restarts a full download after using the Repair Game Data option.
  • The launcher newsfeed now fits better inside of its box.

Known Issues:

  • Instance - Caverns of Thrumfall - Etterfang fight is not resetting properly.
  • You cannot place a doormat unless you are in a Harvestmath Festival Treats or Trickery costume.
  • The new Cosmetic Outfit Slot UI does not link to the Keepsakes of the Grey Mountains Bundle in the LOTRO Store, where the additional outfit slot is acquired. We do intend to offer the outfit slot for sale individually in a future update, at which point this link will function correctly.