Quest:A Confrontation With Gúrbarash

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A Confrontation With Gúrbarash
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Skarding Wargsbane
Starts at Thokvist
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [25.9N, 58.4W]
Quest Chain Wells of Langflood: Misthallow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now then, the time has come to attack the Gundabad blockade. We know that Lumrog is too well-guarded to attack directly. We will need to even the odds in our favour. Fanglind and I have a plan that should leave Lumrog unprotected.

'If we can confuse the brutes and make some of their numbers leave the outpost, you should be able to strike at Gúrbarash. Defeat worms or avanc in Misthallow and lay their carcasses upon the stone outcroppings near Lumrog. Fanglind and I will take care of the rest.'


The Gundabad encampment of Lumrog, led by the chieftain Gúrbarash, blockades much of Misthallow.

Objective 1

  • Collect carcasses from worms or avanc (0/3)

Worms and avanc can be found throughout Misthallow.

You should defeat worms or avanc and gather their carcasses.

Objective 2

  • Place the carcasses near Lumrog (0/3)

Stone slabs can be found around Lumrog in Misthallow.

You should place the carcasses on the stone slabs.

Objective 3

Fanglind can be found at Thokvist.

You should talk to Fanglind.

Fanglind: '<name>, I was able to convince some Eagles, including my brother, that the fresh kills you supplied were not a trap. No, not a trap at all: a free meal! When the forces of Lumrog come to investigate the Eagles surrounding their blockade, we shall rise above the mist! That is when Skarding will ambush those unfortunate enough to observe an Eagle feast at close range.
'Quickly now, you must infiltrate Lumrog and defeat Gúrbarash!'

Objective 4

  • Enter Lumrog

Lumrog can be found in Misthallow.

You should enter Lumrog.

Objective 5

  • Summon and confront Gúrbarash the chief of Lumrog

Lumrog can be found in Misthallow.

You should find find and confront Gúrbarash in Lumrog.

Gúrbarash appears
Gúrbarash: 'Eagles, and one such as you? Har, now I've seen it all! You think you can brazenly walk right in here and I'll set down my weapons without a fight? You've read me wrong, worm! Now then, I;ll be nice and let you prepare for a moment before I kill you!'
Gúrbarash has been defeated

Objective 6

Skarding can be found at Thokvist.

You should talk to Skarding.

Skarding: 'It is over, and Gúrbarash flees for the distant hills. Lumrog remains only the ruins of a blockade. We have all fought well!'