Quest:6. Interlude: Pit of the Falcon

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Interlude: Pit of the Falcon
Level 85
Type Session Play
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gléowine's map
Starts at Nona's Cave
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.9S, 68.3W]
Ends with Wenda
Ends at Nona's Cave
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.9S, 68.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Your eye is drawn west across the map, beyond the borders of Rohan, and comes to rest upon the rocky hills of Dunland. You wonder what has become of Golodir and the Grey Company since you left them."

Meanwhile, in Tâl Methedras, the thirst for vengeance drives Golodir of the Dúnedain to seek out Lheu Brenin, the treacherous leader of the Falcon Clan."


Golodir can no longer resist the lure of vengeance, and has decided to return to the prison-caves of Tûr Morva in search of Lheu Brenin, chieftain of the Falcon Clan.

Objective 1

  • Study Gléowine's map and complete 'Interlude: Pit of the Falcon'

Your mind travels far as you study the map, musing on the fate of Halbarad and the Grey Company.

Clicking on the map again launches a session play as Golodir.

Meanwhile, in Dunland, Golodir has unfinished business to attend to with Lheu Brenin, the master of the Falcon Clan...

Objective 2

  • Return to the entrance of the prison-caves.

You can wait no longer. Lheu Brenin must pay for his betrayal of the Grey Company.

Corunir is waiting for you by the entrance to the cave.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Corunir outside the prison-caves

Corunir is waiting before the entrance to the prison-caves. He must know your mind.

Corunir: 'I thought you might come here sooner or later, Golodir. I know what you want to do, and I am here to keep you from doing something rash!'
Corunir shrugs his shoulders, and looks up at you with a stern expression on his face.
'Lheu Brenin has so many at his command. It would be foolish for you to return to the caves in search of him. We should do as Halbarad wishes, and leave the leader of the Falcon Clan be. He wronged us, but we cannot do anything about that now.'

Objective 4

  • Corunir refuses to let you pass
Corunir says, "You will not change my mind Golodir. I refuse to let you do this by yourself."
Corunir refuses to let you enter the prison-caves in search of Lheu Brenin

Objective 5

  • Talk to Corunir outside the prison-cave... again.
Corunir: 'I know you are angry, my friend, but returning to the prison-caves by yourself is simply throwing away your life!
'I am angry too, Golodir! Lheu Brenin cost us much, and I have not forgotten his treachery. Many good men lost their lives when he sided with the Wizard, friends of us both, and if the leader of the Falcon Clan had his way none of us would have survived.'
Corunir sighs.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Corunir inside the prison-caves

Corunir has decided to accompany you into the prison-caves in search of Lheu Brenin.

Corunir says, "Oh, all right. But I am going with you!"
Maelona says, "Rangers! You have to help me!"
Corunir: 'Someone is just ahead, Golodir! A woman, from the sound, and she may be in trouble. She is the first living creature we have seen in these caves today.
'We should be cautious.'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Maelona in the prison caves

Maelona has requested your help deep within the prison-caves.

Corunir says, "Carefully, Golodir... she may not be a friend."
Maelona says, "Who is there?"
Maelona: 'You have to believe me, Ranger. I spoke against Lheu Brenin's decision, and many good folk did the same. Your people were betrayed by Lheu Brenin, but so were many of my own! He believed the Wizard's lies, and thought to raise the Falcon to heights undreamed-of... but in so doing he gave the Falcon a death-blow. The symbol of my clan is now little better than that of the Orcs."
Maelona spits.
'But there is no time! Lheu Brenin has taken those loyal to him and crossed over the mountains. If you are seeking to have vengeance upon him, you are too late. He will be in the land of the horse-lords by now.'

Objective 8

  • Lheu Brenin is not here!
Maelona says, "I told you Lheu Brenin did not speak for all of us."
Maelona says, "Before he left for the land of the horse-lords, he cast those disloyal to him into the depths!"
Maelona says, "I only escaped by feigning death. You have to help the others!"
Corunir says, "It is a big drop, Golodir. Are you certain about this?"

Objective 9

  • Drop into the pit at the bottom of the prison-caves.

Lheu Brenin has left Dunland and passed into Rohan with those loyal to him, but before he left he cast dissenting members of the Falcon Clan into the Pit of the Falcon at the bottom of the prison-caves.

Corunir: 'I think she is telling the truth, Golodir. If Lheu Brenin cast some of his own people into this pit, and left them to die, I think they must surely help us. We cannot leave them there!'
A terrible smell of rot fills the pit.
Corunir says, "Look, Golodir! This girl is still alive!"

Objective 10

You have dropped into the pit at the bottom of the prison-caves, where members of the Falcon Clan who displeased Lheu Brenin have been abandoned.

Wenda: 'Are you... here to help us? I hurt... my leg in the fall...'
The girl winces with pain, and you are stricken suddenly by the memory of Lorniel lying before the gates of Carn Dûm.
'My name... Wenda... we have to...'
Wenda falls silent, exhausted by the effort, but her darting eyes flicker to the tunnel leaving the chamber and you can see the fear in them.

Objective 11

  • Defeat the Beast in the pit

Something lives in the bottom of the pit where Lheu Brenin throws his captives.

Wenda says, "This is... where Lheu Brenin throws... captives."
Wenda says, "One of them... his beast..."
Corunir says, "The shaking in the earth! Golodir... this is the beast responsible!"
Wenda says, "The beast... it returns!"

Objective 12

  • Talk to Corunir

You have survived your encounter with the Beast in the Pit, and should see how Corunir is doing.

Corunir says, "We did it!"
Corunir: 'Age has not slowed you down at all, Golodir! I am lucky you were here to take the brunt of the creature's attacks!
'Do not laugh at me for this, friend, but I feel some remorse for slaying such a mighty creature. I know it sought to devour us, but I cannot help think it was a captive here as well. Lheu Brenin kept it here in this pit, and he made use of its appetite. Mayhap we did it a favor by freeing it of its confines?
'If you will comfort Wenda and ease her fright, I will call up to Maelona. She will find us a rope and we can climb out of this pit.'

Objective 13

  • Talk to Wenda

Wenda is frightened, but it has been a long time since you were adept with comforting words.

Wenda: You try to ease Wenda's fears with comforting words, but it has been a long time since such words came easily to you, and your face reddens with each stumbling syllable.
'You are kind... Ranger.... Thank you...'
Wenda tests her leg, and winces gingerly.
'My arms... are fine. But I will need... some help with the rope...'
While Corunir and Maelona arrange for getting everyone out of the pit, you listen as Wenda haltingly tells you how she learned the craft of tree-climbing when she was young.
'My father will be shamed in the world of spirits if I fall from the rope... and I will blame you, Ranger!'
You swear that she will not fall, and that her father will be proud of her ascent... but if she does fall, she should make sure to fall on Corunir, who is relatively plump, for a Ranger.
She laughs at that, and you laugh with her.

For the first time in a long time, your vengeance is forgotten
Corunir says, "Is something funny?"