Quest:5. Interlude: Calenglad's Appeal

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5. Interlude: Calenglad's Appeal
Level 85
Type Session Play
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gléowine's map
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Your eye is drawn west across the map, beyond the borders of Rohan, and comes to rest upon the rocky hills of Dunland. You wonder what has become of Calenglad and the Grey Company since you left them.


As you study the contours of Gléowine's map, your mind is drawn to wonder what has befallen the Grey Company in the time since you left them.

You have travelled to the Mournshaws following the rumour of a great spirit that might know what shakes the earth in Dunland.

Objective 1

  • Study Gléowine's map and complete 'Interlude: Calenglad's Appeal'

Your mind travels far as you study the map, musing on the fate of Calenglad and the Grey Company.

Clicking on the map again launches a session play as Calenglad.

Meanwhile, in Enedwaith, Calenglad has braved the forest of the Mournshaws in search of a mysterious figure...

"Meanwhile, Calenglad of the Dúnedain seeks for answers in the forest of the Mournshaws."

Objective 2

You and Helchon have come to the Mournshaws in search of answers, but the journey is wearing on the young Ranger.


'Calenglad, we have been journeying for hours, fighting the corrupted denizens of this forest, and we are no closer to learning anything! I know Daervunn spoke of seeing a great spirit in these woods, but we have seen no sign of such a lord.
'Whatever beast or magic shakes the stones of Tâl Methedras, we will learn nothing of it in these woods.'

Objective 3

  • Fight alongside Helchon

You and Helchon have come to the Mournshaws in search of answers, but the journey is wearing on the young Ranger.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Helchon

Helchon is exhausted. The frequent attacks by corrupted creatures have drained his desire to proceed.


'You say you have a feeling about this place, Calenglad, but I cannot sense anything! You say you feel a mysterious presence? I feel the chill shadows of the trees and smell old growth, but nothing else.
'Are you sure this is the place of which Daervunn spoke? There is nothing here but trees, corrupted beasts, and we two. I say we leave the trees to the miserable bears, and be done with it!'

Objective 5

  • Slowly approach the majestic stag
A majestic stag has appeared in the forest of the Mournshaws.

A majestic stag emerges from the woods behind Helchon

Helchon says, What?
Helchon says, Oh my.
Helchon says, What do you think it wants?
Helchon says, I... I don't believe it!
Helchon says, I can't be left behind now! I am no longer tired!
Helchon says, If this is a trick of some kind... no, my heart tells me this is real!
Helchon says, I have never seen such beauty or majesty as this!
Helchon says, My lady -
Gwenaewen says, Be at ease, mortal. You are both guests in this place.
Helchon says, Yet more wonders!
Arassiel says, You are expected, mortal. Tell the Huntsman what brings you hither.
The Huntsman says, Approach, mortal.

Objective 6

The Huntsman awaits your request, Calenglad.
The Huntsman: You speak, slowly and haltingly at first, but gradually with greater confidence and urgency. You tell the mighty figure of the Huntsman of your concern that the Falcon Clan has wrought some great evil in the caves of Tâl Methedras, and that the shaking in the earth may spell the doom of your friends.
The Huntsman is silent for a long while before speaking.

Objective 7

  • Listen to the words of the Huntsman
The Huntsman awaits your request, Calenglad.
The Huntsman says, An Age is ending.
The Huntsman says, I told one before you I could not see the nature of its end.
The Huntsman says, Still I cannot. But my eyes do see that which you fear, Dúnadan.
The Huntsman says, A great creature stirs in the deep.
The Huntsman says, It was imprisoned once before, but found freedom. It has been imprisoned again.
The Huntsman says, The friends of the Wizard cause it pain, and use it as a weapon.
The Huntsman says, Free it, little one, and your cause may be aided.
The Huntsman says, Or it may not.

Objective 7

Helchon is somewhere in the Hall of the Huntsman.


'I... I do not know what to say, Calenglad. I have never seen such wonders. I do not want to leave, but I know we must. We do not belong in this place, with so much beauty around us.
'Did you learn anything of use from the Huntsman? He seems unreal to me, as if he is only partway in this world of ours... I never would have believed any of this, but I have seen it with my own eyes. You must forgive me my doubts.
'This journey has not reassured me, Calenglad. Now I am more worried than ever! If such a mighty figure as the Huntsman can really exist, who knows what terror the Falcon Clan could have unleashed in the caves beneath Tâl Methedras?'