Quartermaster (Elves of Felegoth Rewards)

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Image of Quartermaster
Title Elves of Felegoth Rewards
Role Barter
Gender Male
Race elf
Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Area Eryn Lasgalen
Settlement Felegoth
Map Ref [47.7N, 127.1W]


The Quartermaster (Elves of Felegoth Rewards) is found inside the halls of Felegoth, in Eryn Lasgalen. [47.7N, 127.1W]

The Quartermaster (Elves of Felegoth Rewards), Quartermaster (Men of Dale Rewards) or Quartermaster (Dwarves of Erebor Rewards) are found at Felegoth, Dale, Erebor and the Iron Hills respectively and in Allegiance halls.