Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat

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Nimble Redhorn-goat (skill)-icon.png
 Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat
  • Induction: 2s
  • As a great ally of the Iron Garrison Miners, one can expect access to their most well-trained and quickest goats. This goat can move as fast as most horses.
  • Speed: +62%
    Morale: 250

    Unable to evade.
    Unable to parry.
    Unable to block.
  • Toggle Skill


This skill is granted to all races when the Nimble Redhorn-goat is purchased, from Kettil, Son of Athils in The Twenty-first Hall, and consumed.
You can only barter this item after acquiring kindred standing with the Iron Garrison Miner. Fengur in the The Orc-watch also sells this item for 6g and 24s.

TIP: You can also barter the reputation items, so that if you have finished your Guards rep, you can work on Miners by turning in the Guards rep items at a Miners Reputation Barter vendor. Essentially this allows you to convert Guards rep into Miners if you wish, or vice versa.

The default name for Men and Elves is Clover.
The default name for Hobbits and Dwarves is Sage.

See Mounts for different types.


Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat