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Captains and Lore-masters have the ability to summon pets: NPCs that assist them and can usually be controlled in detail.

A Lore-master can summon an animal companion, or pet, to their side. These animals have special abilities and are able to assist the Lore-master in combat. Lore-masters can also summon non-combat pets which cannot attack nor take commands, but solely serve a cosmetic purpose. All player classes can have non-combat cosmetic pets.

A Captain can summon a herald, also known as a pet, to aid them in combat as well as buff anyone in their fellowship within range.

The appearance of pets can be changed by using for Lore-masters or Armaments for Captains.

Pet Overview

Pet Minimum Level Acquisition
Lore-master Combat Pets
Bear Level 1 Skill Friend of Bears
Raven Level 15 Skill Raven-lore
Eagle Level 17 Skill Eagle-friend (Needs Trait)
Bog-guardian Level 20 Skill Friend of Nature
Lynx Level 30 Skill Lynx-speech
Spirit of Nature Level 40 Skill Commune with Nature
Sabertooth Cat Level 56 Skill Friend of Feline Hunters
Lore-master Non-combat Pets
Cat Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Dog Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Fox Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Frog Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Hare Level 29 Quest: A Friend of the Wild
Snake Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Sparrow Level 29 Kindred Standing Elves of Rivendell
Squirrel Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Turtle Level 29 Ally Standing The Mathom Society
Captain Pets
Herald Level 6 Default
Archer Level 26 Default

Pet Controls

Lore-masters and Captains can control their combat pets through control bars. These have the same setup for all pets and work as follows:

Pet Skill Bar.jpg
Commands (first three buttons):

Attack: Attack the currently selected target.
Follow: Move to Lore-master and then act according to his mode.
Stay: Stay at current position and act according to his mode.

Modes (next four buttons):

Aggressive: Will enter combat when valid targets are detected.
Passive: Will not enter combat unless commanded to.
Guard: Will enter combat if attacked or someone attacks Lore-master.
Assist: Will attack the Lore-master's target.
The modes Aggressive, Passive and Guard are mutually exclusive. A thoughtful Lore-master will set their pet to passive and control all actions with commands or skills while in a fellowship or raid..

Special command (next button):

Return to Master (Lore-master pets): Transport directly to the Lore-master's side. Can only be used if out of combat.
Rally! (Captain pets): Transport directly to the Captain's side. Can only be used if out of combat.

Pet specific skills (last three buttons):

View these skills by visiting the specific pet's link.

Additional pet commands are available by typing /pet in the chat box or right-clicking the pet's portrait:

Rename: Opens a box in which you can enter your chosen pet's name. Names (as opposed to the default pet names) cannot have spaces.
Release: Dismisses your pet.

Lore-master Pet Control Bars

Raven Raven Skill Bar.jpg
Bear Bear Skill Bar.jpg
Lynx Lynx Skill Bar.jpg
Eagle Eagle Skill Bar.jpg
Sabertooth Cat Sabertooth Cat Skill Bar.jpg
Bog-guardian Bog-guardian Skill Bar.jpg
Spirit of Nature Spirit of Nature Skill Bar.jpg

Captain Pet Control Bars

Herald Herald Skill Bar.jpg
Archer Archer Herald Skill Bar.jpg