Orc tribes of Angmar

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The orcs of Angmar are tribal, and there are four known tribes, these are: (note that eastern Angmar refers to all parts of Angmar only reachable through crossing the Rammas Deluon, not geographically. Also, all tribes are found within Carn Dûm.)


The Blogmal Tribe is a smaller orc tribe, and it seems to be scattered across north-eastern Eriador. They can be found in: The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, Eastern Ram Dúath, Norbury Gates, Fornost, Goblin-town and Gorothlad.


The Krahjarn Tribe is the most powerful orc tribe, and it is found very rarely outside Angmar (except in the Ettenmoors). It is lead by Lagmâs from Urugarth.


The Ongbúrz Tribe is one of the largest orc tribes, as it is found in several locations, including: Dol Dínen, Gurzlum, the Ettenmoors, and most of Angmar.


It is hard to determine this orc tribe's strength, as it is found all over Eriador: The Rift, Ram Dúath, eastern Lone-lands and northern Bree-land. The Tarkrîp capital seems to be Nan Wathren. They fight with the Blogmal over mining rights in The Rift.