Nimloth (White Tree)

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Nimloth, or the "White Tree of Númenor", was given the Kings of Númenor as a gift from the Eldar, and it grew grew in the King's Court. Once a seedling from Celeborn, the "White Tree of Tol Eressëa", it grew strong and the perfume of its flowers filled the capital at night, as the blossoms appeared only at sunset.

Sadly it was destroyed and burnt down around Second Age 3262 when Sauron seduced King Ar-Pharazôn to worship Melkor. Soon the Downfall of Númenor was a fact, at the wrath of Ilúvatar.

However, Isildur had learnt about this treasury and he stole a fruit from Nimloth. This stolen fruit was brought with them when he, together with all of Elendil's family, escaped Númenor by ship and landed at Gondor. From Nimloth several seedlings was nurtured because Sauron never gave up but managed to destroy one seedling after the other: in Minas Ithil, in Minas Anor, and in Minas Tirith.

The next seedling is yet to be found ... tales tell that eventually it will grow strong in Minas Tirith, at the gentle hands of Aragorn II, with Gandalf as witness.

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