NPC Notary

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All Notary NPCs include the following note on their page.

Notary Note

A notary allows players to select and modify their surname, as well as cancel adopted relationships. To be eligible for a surname a player must be at least level 15. When selecting a surname it is important to keep in mind the same restrictions apply as with the primary name. No profanity or gibberish is permitted inside of a surname.

The fee for selecting or changing a surname is 10 Silver 

The fee for abandoning an adopted relationship is also 10 Silver 

Notaries of the Middle-earth

NPC Location Region
Bonnie Milkweed Bree-town Hall Bree-land
Lubathred Duillond Ered Luin
Wárr Ink-sleeve Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall Ered Luin
Wistan Whitfoot Town Hole, Michel Delving The Shire
Calbeniel The Forges of Rivendell The Trollshaws
Calbeniel The Market of Rivendell The Trollshaws
Glorielhen Rivendell Valley The Trollshaws