Mysterious Relics

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Deed Lore

Mysterious relics of unknown origin have appeared throughout Middle-earth, but for what purpose?

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Lore-title-icon.png Find a mysterious relic somewhere within Middle-earth
A relic was placed in the middle of Bungo Grubb's pipe-weed field.[23.6S, 66.7W] The plants all died, ending his chance for a first-place finish in the annual festival.
Lore-title-icon.png Find a mysterious relic somewhere within Middle-earth
A relic was placed outside the cottage in which Ted and Burt Farmer were dwelling, and the cottage was set aflame.[10.2S, 46.9W] They escaped with their lives, but could not understand who would do this to them, or whence the relic came.
Lore-title-icon.png Find a mysterious relic somewhere within Middle-earth
A relic was left before the sealed door in the depths of The Laenan Caves.[24.8S, 17.7W]
Return to Rivendell and Tell what Elrond what you've found.
You say an unusual relic has appeared in the depths of the Laenan caves, here in the Trollshaws? Most Interesting <name>. I regret I can tell you nothing about this relic that you have not seen for yourself; the type is familiar to me, but I do not know what it may mean.
I can tell you what lies beyond the sealed door in those caves, however. Long ago, when the kingdom of Rhudaur was at its height, evil Men worshipped dark powers at a temple in the wilderness. The route overland to the temple has not been taken in many years and is surely overgrown; I have dispatched scouts from time to time to search for it.
I believe that the sealed door leads underground to the temple, <name>. It is said some terrible thing befell the Men of Rhudaur within its walls. Let it remain sealed, for now. If this relic signals the return of that evil, we may need to take action; but for now, let the temple remain lost.
Lore-title-icon.png Find a mysterious relic somewhere within Middle-earth
A relic was left among the walls of the Ironspan that connects Forochel with the land of Angmar.[17.0N, 59.3W] The Lossoth believe it signals the return of the Witch-king.
Lore-title-icon.png Find a mysterious relic somewhere within Middle-earth
The relic was left among the slopes of Thrór's Coomb, and the creatures nearby, including the mighty gwiber, seemed hesitant to stray too near.[67.2S, 8.3W]
After you have found all five mysterious relics...
Lore-title-icon.png Talk to Barliman Butterbur at the Prancing Pony Inn
Barliman has not heard news of the relics, but he has promised to keep his ears open and will let you know if he does.
Well now, strange relics, you say? I have not heard much news on that score, but I will keep my ears open. The common room is busy most nights, and if talk turns to such things, I will note it down.
Hard times are ahead, if you ask me. Strange folk on the road, unpleasant news from distant's enough to make you wonder. You can't let it trouble you too much, that's what I've always said. There's just too much to be done! You'll stay calm, <name>, no matter what lies ahead? Ha! It's good advice! More could make do with some of that, if you ask me!
I'll let you know if I hear anything. I'll just write down a bit of a note to remind me. Anything else I can do for you, <name>? The Pony is at your service, of just name what you want.


  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Calm Before the Storm

Additional Information

You must locate each of the following Mysterious relics and complete the quest that begins upon the examination of each relic.
This deed will start as soon as you examine all of the following Mysterious relics, thus allowing you to talk to Barliman Butterbur to finish this deed.
This deed is directly related to the In Their Absence Quests.
These Instances are made available upon reaching level 65.
The Deed: One Thing Drives Out Another and Stained Envelope letter from Barliman Butterbur direct you to those Instance quests.
  • In order to complete the deed you will need access to the following Quest Packs:
Note that Quest Pack:Evendim is not required for the relic in in Oatbarton, as the quest counts as a Shire quest.
  • It is recommended that you complete Volume III Books 1 and 2 beforehand, but it is not required.
The story foundation for 'In Their Absence' is that the Rangers have gone south to join Aragorn, leaving Eriador vulnerable to a new threat.
For reasons of immersion it's best that you have completed the quests that send them south before beginning the instance chain, though it's not technically required.

Extended Lore: The Rise of the Gaunt Lords

In the First Age, Morgoth summoned many fell spirits into his service and twisted countless creatures to his will (see also Ancient Evil). Among those were dire creatures called Gaunt Men. Morgoth gave the Gaunt-men mortal bodies in which to work his wickedness throughout Middle-earth. Men and Elves alike feared these creatures, for they had the power to instill other fell spirits into the remains of the dead and raise them as wights.

After Morgoth’s fall, the remaining Gaunt-men went into hiding in the realm that later became Angmar. Their power was greatly diminished, but when the Wizards arrived to lend wisdom to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, the Witch-king summoned the Gaunt-men to his service. Among them, five gained greater power to match the five Wizards. These five, embodying death, pestilence, famine, war, and purest evil, became known as the Gaunt-lords.

The Gaunt-lords were created by the developers of Lotro using lore surrounding the coming of the Wizards and the physical manifestation of spirits. These creatures are among the most powerful of the Enemy’s servants.

(previously encountered in Helegrod: Dragon Wing, Misty Mountains)
(previously encountered in Imlad Balchorth, Angmar)
(previously encountered in Great Barrow: Thadúr, Bree-land)
(previously encountered in Garth Agarwen: Barrows, Lone-lands)
(previously encountered in Lhe Colvarn in the Lich Bluffs, Enedwaith)