Moria Directions

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Step by Step Directions - Moria

This guide is intended to help new arrivals in Moria navigate between outposts before Stable Masters are available. Courtesy of Kin of Brian on Brandywine. These are loosely in the order that you progress through Moria.

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Durin's Threshold The Dolven-view East up the stairs and down the hallway past Tubi and turn right. Note the Chamber of Thought will be straight ahead of you after you turn right and before you head down the path.

East then south down the ramp.

Near where Jarmarr is standing, continue northeast, do not turn left toward the fortress.

Just past that, turn slightly left (north) and head down.

At the bottom of the hill turn left (northwest) and head up a hill toward Wegil.

Turn left (west) where Wegil is standing.

At the top of the hill turn right (east) and go over the bridge and downward.

At the bottom of the hill turn right (east). You should be in Lamab-Dum.

Turn right (south). You should pass vendors and a campfire.

Turn left (east) just past the campfire, then turn right (south) and go up a ramp.

Head diagonally southeast up a hill and you should arrive at Dolven View.

The Dolven-view 21st Hall East across the bridge, bear right when you get to the Cooling Chamber, down a small ramp and continue east.

Turn left (north) when you get past the Cooling Chamber building, then head diagonally northeast down a hill.

At the bottom of the hill, turn right (east) and go up the large stairs. This takes you across the Lonely Span and turns into the Wide Halls.

Follow Wide Halls until you get into the Great Halls of Durin, and take your first left (north) up some stairs.

You will turn right (east) again as you go up the stairs, then you need to do a U-turn and go up another small flight.

Turn right (north) and go up another set of stairs on your right (east). There will be two wider sets and then one narrow set.

After you go up the narrow set of stairs, go through the opening to your left (north).

Turn left (west), go to the end of the passage, and up the stairs on your right (north).

The stairs will turn left (west) partway up. At the top, turn right (north), then right again (east).

Turn left (north) at the first small set of stairs you come to and you are in the 21st Hall.

21st Hall Chamber of the Crossroads Head west through the winding tunnel. when you get to the end turn left (south).

Deep Descent Rotting Cellar Down the ramp and turn right (west)

At the crossroads near the camp with the campfire, continue straight (south)

Continue southeast past the doorway to the Old Silvertine City and turn to the right (south) up a path.

The path will basically only take you to the Rotting Cellar. You will come to a T at one point; turn left (east). Turning right instead will take you to the Water Wheels dungeon / instance.

The Dolven-view Chamber of the Crossroads Down the hill just to the right of the ramp that leads to the Cooling Chamber.

Head generally north across the platform.

Turn left (west) down the first set of stairs, then right (north) over the bridge. You should pass the Chamber of Knowledge on your left.

Go up the stairs and turn left (west) up some more stairs.

Turn right (north) and go over a bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left (west).

Turn right (north) at the Iron Garrison Guide.

Turn right (west) down the stairs at the torch.

Turn left (north) and you will arrive at the Chamber of The Crossroads.

21st Hall The Orc Watch Head south out of town, down a flight of stairs and turn right (west).

Go to the end of the hallway, do a uturn and go down four flights of stairs (last one turns right (south)).

At the bottom of the stairs continue heading east down the hallway to the end and turn right (south). You should pass Mezer-serej on your right.

Turn at the first right(west). You should be in the Great Halls of Durin.

Down one set of stairs and turn right(north) just past the hallway.

Go down one set of stairs, then left again (west).

Down three more flights of stairs, through the Wide Halls, up one set of stairs, and turn left (south) when you reach the Broadways.

Turn right(west) at the end of the hallway, down one flight of stairs, then turn left(south).

At the end of the hallway, turn left (east) and go down one set of stairs.

Turn right (south) and go down two more flights of stairs. You should be at the Hall of Flowing Water.

Go to the end of the hallway and turn right. (west)

Go up one flight of stairs then back down another, and turn left (south) just before the broken bridge.

Go down two flights of stairs and turn right (west).(Note: if you go too far and fall, skip the next two steps; head south down a flight of stairs and pick back up where it says you should be in Uzban-bakad).

Turn left (south) and down one flight of stairs.

Head southeast down one flight of stairs. You should be in Uzban-bakad.

Down one flight of stairs south then turn right (west).

Down two flights of stairs to the end of the hallway and turn left (south).

Down four flights of stairs and turn left (east) at the end of the hall.

Down one flight of stairs and turn right (south).

Go to the end of the hall and turn left (east). You should enter Budkhul-tharakh.

Go over the bridge, to the end of the hall, and turn left(north).

Turn right (east) before the next bridge, then first left (north). If you go too far and fall, I cannot help you.

Straight across a bridge and you should be at the Orc Watch.

The Orc Watch Shadowed Refuge From the stable master, head down the stairs to the east. The path will lead down some more stairs and across some bridges, and you will eventually end up going down some steps and facing east. Look for some stairs on your right (south) and a path leading north.

Take the path north to the zone wall and turn right (northeast).

After a short time you will come to some tracks; follow the tracks generally east to some stairs.

Continue east up three flights of stairs, then down two, across a platform, and up two more flights of stairs straight across one platform, then right (south)up a ramp. You should be at Knakk's camp / goat to Orc Watch.

Turn left (east) and follow the ramps east then south until they end.

At the bottom of the ramp, turn left (east) through the spider area.

After you make a slight turn southeast, look for an opening on your left (east). This will take you into zabad-fakak.

Continuing generally east / southeast should take you to the Foundations of Stone.

Follow the path to the end and turn right (south).

Head south up a hill and bear right, and you should arrive at the Shadowed Refuge.

Shadowed Refuge The Orc Watch Head east out of the Shadowed Refuge to the zone wall, turn left (north) down the hill.

Follow the path generally west / northwest through Zabad-fakak.

Turn right (north) when you can no longer go west.

Continue north up a small rise (do not take the path west). You should come to a ramp.

Up the ramp north, across a bridge, and it will turn left (west). You should be at Knakk / goat to the Orc Watch.

Turn right (north) down the ramp.

At the 4-way intersection turn left (west).

Continue west down two flights of stairs, then up two more, then down three.

Follow tracks generally west / northwest. When the tracks go up a ramp, do not go up; bear to the right of the ramp and continue southwest.

Turn left (south) when you can no longer go west.

Keep the wall on your right; you will curve up a hill to the northwest and should see some steps. If you come to a ramp heading south you've gone too far, but do not take the right at the very bottom of the ramp; head back north just a bit and look up to your left (northwest).

At this point there is only one way to go (unless you fall), and the path should bring you to the Orc Watch.

The Orc Watch Anazarmekhem Head south out of Orc Watch.

Turn right (west) after you cross a bridge, and follow hallway west again across another small bridge.

Turn left (south) and follow hallway under archway.

Make the second right (west), then quick left (south) again down stairs.

Follow stairs south then east across a bridge. Stairs will continue down to the south / southwest, and you should reach Anazarmekhem

Anazarmekhem The Orc Watch

North east up stairs, then west up stairs and across bridge, then north up more stairs.

Turn right (east) at the top of the stairs, then quick left again (north).

Head north up hallway. Turn right (east) across a bridge as soon as the hallway opens up.

East to end of hallway, left (north) across a bridge and you should be at the Orc Watch.