Leader of Men Traits

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Tree Traits Description Source
Situational Awareness-icon.png Situational Awareness Improves skills Devastating Blow, Pressing Attack, Light of Elendil and Routing Cry Trait: 0+ ranks
Steeled Resolve-icon.png Steeled Resolve Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Call Them Out-icon.png Call Them Out Improves skills Cutting Attack and Grave Wound Trait: 5+ ranks
Strong Voice (Captain)-icon.png Strong Voice Replaces skill Threatening Shout with Improved Threatening Shout Trait: 5+ ranks
Noble Mark (trait)-icon.png Noble Mark Gain skill Noble Mark Trait: 5+ ranks
Terrifying Bellow-icon.png Terrifying Bellow Improves skill Routing Cry Trait: 10+ ranks
Shrug Blows Aside-icon.png Shrug Blows Aside Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
In Harm's Way (trait)-icon.png In Harm's Way Gain skill In Harm's Way Trait: 10+ ranks
Demand Attention-icon.png Demand Attention Improves skill Grave Wound Trait: 10+ ranks
Turning Point-icon.png Turning Point Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Absorb Momentum-icon.png Absorb Momentum Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Standard of Valour (trait)-icon.png Standard of Valour Gain and improve skill Standard of Valour Trait: 20+ ranks
Strength in Numbers (trait)-icon.png Strength in Numbers Gain skill Strength in Numbers Trait: 20+ ranks
Fellowship of the Shield-icon.png Fellowship of the Shield Improves skill Shield-brother Trait: 25+ ranks
Stand Tall-icon.png Stand Tall Improves skill Last Stand Trait: 25+ ranks
Shield of the Dúnedain (trait)-icon.png Shield of the Dúnedain Gain skill Shield of the Dúnedain Trait: 30+ ranks
Elendil's Fury-icon.png Elendil's Fury Improves skills Elendil's Roar and Threatening Shout Trait: 30+ ranks