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Image of Labourer
Gender Male
Race Hobbit


Labourers are found repairing the rotten roof of the Floating Log Inn in Frogmorton. Working hard for days the tavern is still in a mess and guests refuse to eat food with splinters dropping from the ceiling.

Labourers are found at:

Ered Luin


The Shire

Quotes - Frogmorton

"We're working as quickly as we can, while still doing a good job. That's important."
"The Floating Log has needed these repairs for a long time."
"We're repaired buildings all over the Shire. Inns are our speciality!"
"This is hot work. Once we're done, it's inside for some well-deserved beer!"
"Sometimes the dwarves that pass by teach us songs to pass the time while we work. I can whistle better than most."

Quotes - Thornley's Work Site

"Sometimes I think this project will never end."
"I could sure use a drink right about now."
"I can't talk now...the foreman'll have me head if I don't get back to work."
"You going to stand there lollygogging, or are you going to pick up some tools and give us a hand?"


Hammering at the Floating Log Inn
Hammering at Thornley's Work Site