Javelin of Deadly Force

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Javelin of Deadly Force-icon.png
 Javelin of Deadly Force
  • 30.2m Range
  • Ranged Skill
  • Max Targets: 10
  • With preparation, some Wardens can throw their Javelins with such deadly force that it will pass completely through several bodies.

    For every target hit, you gain a stack of a Ranged Damage and Critical Damage buff.
  • ...% of Ranged + bonus Damage
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 1m

General Information

Class: Warden


This skill is granted by the trait Javelin of Deadly Force (Trait)-icon.png Javelin of Deadly Force, which requires 30 ranks in the Assailment specialization.


Using this skill activates the Javelin of Deadly Force-icon.png Deadly Force effect on the Warden, increasing Ranged Damage and Ranged Critical Damage for each target hit.

Tactical Information

This skill is non-targeted and effects enemies in a direct line in front of the Warden for 30m.