Item:Unearthed Sack

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Unearthed Sack-icon.png
Unearthed Sack

Barter Information

Barterer: Marís (Treasure Field Base Camp)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Unearthed Sack-icon.png Unearthed Sack Buried Treasure Token-icon.png 500 Buried Treasure Tokens

Drop information

This sack will drop 1-4 items from the following pools. You are guaranteed to received at least one item from the first pool, but it is also possible to receive up to 4, one from each pool, from a single sack.

Note: in a cursory (11 sacks) review in May 2022, the loot table appears unchanged, despite some of the drops, e.g. Legacy Tier Upgrade, Legendary Fragment and Symbol of the Elder King being associated with the pre-Update 30.3 Legendary Item system, and of questionable value. While some of these may be disenchantable, or usable to make items for cosmetic purposes, one might consider holding tokens until the loot tables are updated. Like all heritage runes, the Elegant Heritage Rune of Legend can be used to advance Reward Track.