Item:Traveller's Steel-Bound Lootbox

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Traveller's Steel-Bound Lootbox
  • Item Level: 330
  • Barter Item
  • Cooldown: 1s
  • Minimum Level 20
  • "Loot from this box includes gear that is designed for those traveling through the various realms of Middle-earth, as well as a selection of cosmetic items, useful consumables, and motes of enchantment.

    Upon opening, gear scales to your level."

Item Information

This item is a rare world drop from enemies between the levels of 20 and 105.

Traveller's Steel-bound Lootboxes introduced with the Where Dragons Dwell expansion need a Black Steel Key and therefore cannot be opened with a Sturdy Steel Key.

For further information, see  Steel-bound Lootbox and  Black Steel Key


This lootbox will yield a combination of 1-4 of the following items in varying amounts: 4 (Supreme Essences (Item Level = ???, Minimum Level = ???) can also drop). The list below is representative and not comprehensive.

Sometimes Rare or Incomparable items from the Traveller's Quartermasters coffers for the class you open the lootbox on.

Barter, Token Items and Consumables Crafting Housing Items
120 Embers of Enchantment

240 Embers of Enchantment

500 Embers of Enchantment

1000 Embers of Enchantment

1800 Embers of Enchantment

120 Motes of Enchantment

240 Motes of Enchantment

1800 Motes of Enchantment

 Random Relic Pack

 Universal Ingredient Pack

 Small Obsidian Wall Carving

 Vase of White Clover

 Vase of Cockscomb

 Potted Palm

 Jerboa House

 Fox and Fiddle Inn Signpost

Tomes Pets and Mounts Cosmetics

 Stat Tome Box - Agility

 Stat Tome Box - Fate

 Stat Tome Box - Might

 Stat Tome Box - Vitality

 Stat Tome Box - Will


 Tome of the Sapphire Neekerbreeker

 Tome of the Amethyst Neekerbreeker

 Tome of the Topaz Neekerbreeker

 Tome of the Big Blue Carpenter Bee

 Tome of the Big Wasp

 Tome of the Little Pink Pig

 Tome of the Little Black Pig

 Tome of the Husky Wolf-dog

 Tome of the Smoky-grey Cat

 Tome of the Flying Fox

 Tome of the Decorated Goose

 Tome of the Cask-laden Donkey

 Tome of the Cozy Yule Goat Kid

 Tome of the Copper Nether-hound

 Tome of the Buff Donkey

 Tome of the Rust Corgi

 Tome of the Spotted Jerboa

 Horse Archer's Steed

 Horse Archer's War-steed

 Steed of Ered Mithrin

 Steed of the Wild Hills

 Hunting Steed

 Steed of the Unearthed Kingdom

 Steed of the Eldar


 Replica of Elor

 Elegant Riding Gloves

 Elegant Riding Jacket

 Jacket of the Wild Hills

 Mantle of the Wild Hills

 Dwarf-make Boots

 Dwarf-make Shoulder Guards

 Horse Archer's Pack

 Horse Archer's Boots

 Horse Archer's Trousers

 Horse Archer's Jacket