Item:Stat Tome

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Stat Tome-icon.png
Stat Tome
  • Consumed On Use
  • Barring Passive Skill: X: Rank #
  • Cannot use with Effect: Stat Boost
  • "Grants a permanent +Y bonus to X."


This is a collective page for all the various looted Stat Tomes.

Looted Stat Tomes are generated randomly from this list, limited by the lootbox they are found within.

All Stat Tomes 1 - 20 (Ranks 1 to 20) are also available from a Box 7 (store)-icon.png Stat Tome Box for 295 LOTRO Point 

Update 25.4 introduced Tier 19 to 20 Stat Tomes, levels 15 to 20 are all available from within a Box 7 (store)-icon.png Remmorchant Stat Tome Box.

Item Information

Agility Fate Might Vitality Will
Tome of Agility I-icon.png Tome of Agility 1 Tome of Fate I-icon.png Tome of Fate 1 Tome of Might I-icon.png Tome of Might 1 Tome of Vitality I-icon.png Tome of Vitality 1 Tome of Will I-icon.png Tome of Will 1
Tome of Agility II-icon.png Tome of Agility 2 Tome of Fate II-icon.png Tome of Fate 2 Tome of Might II-icon.png Tome of Might 2 Tome of Vitality II-icon.png Tome of Vitality 2 Tome of Will II-icon.png Tome of Will 2
Tome of Agility III-icon.png Tome of Agility 3 Tome of Fate III-icon.png Tome of Fate 3 Tome of Might III-icon.png Tome of Might 3 Tome of Vitality III-icon.png Tome of Vitality 3 Tome of Will III-icon.png Tome of Will 3
Tome of Agility IV-icon.png Tome of Agility 4 Tome of Fate IV-icon.png Tome of Fate 4 Tome of Might IV-icon.png Tome of Might 4 Tome of Vitality IV-icon.png Tome of Vitality 4 Tome of Will IV-icon.png Tome of Will 4
Tome of Agility V-icon.png Tome of Agility 5 Tome of Fate V-icon.png Tome of Fate 5 Tome of Might V-icon.png Tome of Might 5 Tome of Vitality V-icon.png Tome of Vitality 5 Tome of Will V-icon.png Tome of Will 5
Tome of Agility VI-icon.png Tome of Agility 6 Tome of Fate VI-icon.png Tome of Fate 6 Tome of Might VI-icon.png Tome of Might 6 Tome of Vitality VI-icon.png Tome of Vitality 6 Tome of Will VI-icon.png Tome of Will 6
Tome of Agility VII-icon.png Tome of Agility 7 Tome of Fate VII-icon.png Tome of Fate 7 Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might 7 Tome of Vitality VII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 7 Tome of Will VII-icon.png Tome of Will 7
Tome of Agility VIII-icon.png Tome of Agility 8 Tome of Fate VIII-icon.png Tome of Fate 8 Tome of Might VIII-icon.png Tome of Might 8 Tome of Vitality VIII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 8 Tome of Will VIII-icon.png Tome of Will 8
Tome of Agility IX-icon.png Tome of Agility 9 Tome of Fate VII-icon.png Tome of Fate 9 Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might 9 Tome of Vitality IX-icon.png Tome of Vitality 9 Tome of Will VII-icon.png Tome of Will 9
Tome of Agility IX-icon.png Tome of Agility 10 Tome of Fate X-icon.png Tome of Fate 10 Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might 10 Tome of Vitality X-icon.png Tome of Vitality 10 Tome of Will VII-icon.png Tome of Will 10
Tome of Agility XI-icon.png Tome of Agility 11 Tome of Fate XI-icon.png Tome of Fate 11 Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might 11 Tome of Vitality XI-icon.png Tome of Vitality 11 Tome of Will XI-icon.png Tome of Will 11
Tome of Agility XII-icon.png Tome of Agility 12 Tome of Fate XI-icon.png Tome of Fate 12 Tome of Might XII-icon.png Tome of Might 12 Tome of Vitality XII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 12 Tome of Will XII-icon.png Tome of Will 12
Tome of Agility XIII-icon.png Tome of Agility 13 Tome of Fate XIII-icon.png Tome of Fate 13 Tome of Might XIII-icon.png Tome of Might 13 Tome of Vitality XII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 13 Tome of Will XIII-icon.png Tome of Will 13
Tome of Agility XIV-icon.png Tome of Agility 14 Tome of Fate XIV-icon.png Tome of Fate 14 Tome of Might XIV-icon.png Tome of Might 14 Tome of Vitality XII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 14 Tome of Will XIV-icon.png Tome of Will 14
Tome of Agility XV-icon.png Tome of Agility 15 Tome of Fate XV-icon.png Tome of Fate 15 Tome of Might XV-icon.png Tome of Might 15 Tome of Vitality XV-icon.png Tome of Vitality 15 Tome of Will XV-icon.png Tome of Will 15
Tome of Agility XVI-icon.png Tome of Agility 16 Tome of Fate XVI-icon.png Tome of Fate 16 Tome of Might XVI-icon.png Tome of Might 16 Tome of Vitality XVI-icon.png Tome of Vitality 16 Tome of Will XVI-icon.png Tome of Will 16
Tome of Agility XVII-icon.png Tome of Agility 17 Tome of Fate XVII-icon.png Tome of Fate 17 Tome of Might XVII-icon.png Tome of Might 17 Tome of Vitality XVII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 17 Tome of Will XVII-icon.png Tome of Will 17
Tome of Agility XVIII-icon.png Tome of Agility 18 Tome of Fate XVIII-icon.png Tome of Fate 18 Tome of Might XVIII-icon.png Tome of Might 18 Tome of Vitality XVIII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 18 Tome of Will XVIII-icon.png Tome of Will 18
Tome of Agility 19-icon.png Tome of Agility 19 Tome of Fate 19-icon.png Tome of Fate 19 Tome of Might 19-icon.png Tome of Might 19 Tome of Vitality 19-icon.png Tome of Vitality 19 Tome of Will 19-icon.png Tome of Will 19
Tome of Agility 20-icon.png Tome of Agility 20 Tome of Fate 20-icon.png Tome of Fate 20 Tome of Might 20-icon.png Tome of Might 20 Tome of Vitality 20-icon.png Tome of Vitality 20 Tome of Will 20-icon.png Tome of Will 20