Item:Grey Box of Ancient Spoils

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Box 9 (store)-icon.png
Grey Box of Ancient Spoils

Item Information

The Grey Box of Ancient Spoils is a reward from the daily Featured Instance quest when run at 100-139.

It always contains:

It may frequently drop:

It may sometimes drop:

It may rarely drop:

Coloured Boxes of Ancient Treasures drop from 140 daily Featured Instance quest. Their contents are very similar but they additionally have a 25% chance to drop an armour piece.

Featured Instance Rotation

The Featured Instance rotation follows a six-week roster. The weekly instance changes on Monday at 10:00 a.m. server time, and the quests reset daily at 3:00 a.m. server time. On Monday it is possible to do the daily quests twice without using Mithril Coin to reset them: once after the daily reset time but before weekly rotation time, and again after the instance changes.

The list of instances in the rotation have changed several times after the introduction of featured instances, with U18.2, U19, U19.1.1, U20, U21, U22, U22.2, U23.0, U32.0 and 34.3.

Featured Instance U34.3 Box Reward - Level 100-139 Box Reward - Level 140
Dungeons of Naerband Box 9 (store)-icon.png Grey Box of Ancient Spoils Box 1 (store)-icon.png Crimson Box of Ancient Treasures
The Library at Tham Mírdain Box 9 (store)-icon.png Grey Box of Ancient Spoils Box 2 (store)-icon.png Malachite Box of Ancient Treasures
Warg-pens of Dol Guldur Box 9 (store)-icon.png Grey Box of Ancient Spoils Box 11 (store)-icon.png Marigold Box of Ancient Treasures
Askâd-mazal, the Chamber of Shadows Box 9 (store)-icon.png Grey Box of Ancient Spoils Box 15 (store)-icon.png Amethyst Box of Ancient Treasures
Helegrod: Giant Wing Box 9 (store)-icon.png Grey Box of Ancient Spoils Box 12 (store)-icon.png Obsidian Box of Ancient Treasures
Great Barrow: Thadúr Box 9 (store)-icon.png Grey Box of Ancient Spoils Box 3 (store)-icon.png Azure Box of Ancient Treasures